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  1. Get your point - will take the 'Letter Before Action' bit out
  2. Hi ericsbrother I have drafted the following but have not sent it yet, I will be sending it tomorrow by recorded post to ensure it is delivered (thank you for your help) To whom it may concern In response to your letter before action dated 5th February 2016, we deny any debt owed to your client. No parking charge notice was issued to the driver therefore the subsequent notice to keeper was timed out under the PoFA for keeper liability. We have witnesses to the events from the 29th October 2016 who will be happy to attend court if your client wishes, however we would s
  3. Thanks ericsbrother - I will draft something up
  4. Hi ericsbrother - unfortunately I can't find the original 'parking fine' letter from UKCPS, I have my partner looking for it but I have these 2 if they help? Really appreciate your help UKCPS 14-01-16.pdf UKCPS 29-12-15.pdf
  5. Hi Thanks for the replies and the welcome - I have uploaded a copy of the letter we received (I have blanked out any personal details) She is the registered keeper and there was no ticket issued because she arrived at the car before it could be placed on the windscreen and the attendant didn't issue it according to my wife
  6. This is my first post so please be gentle with me! In October 2015 my partner went to a children's play centre on an industrial estate (Boundry Industrial Estate) in Bolton where I live when she returned she told me that she parked her car on the access road as it was very busy and she could not find a parking space. Upon her return to the car there was a parking attendant who was just about to place a ticket on her windscreen, they chatted and the attendant didn't issue the ticket - we thought that this was a lucky escape until we received a parking fine l
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