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  1. Thanks DX. Not to come across a bit daft here, but in a nutshell what does that tell me? Am I perfectly in my rights to demand a refund in reference to the information you have posted? For my position, had the transactions shown the website/billing name so I could have cancelled it, then I wouldn’t be in this position. My frustration is that there wasn’t anyway of me identifying how to cancel it with no company details provided.
  2. He used the card number originally and then all future payments came out monthly. When I spoke to Barclays after the second charge, they told me the only details of where the transactions had come from were what I could see on the statement, which just showed a transaction code and the reference was a website that doesn’t exist. They said they couldn’t find any more information unless they passed it to fraud. The company have used a different reference each month. I agreed with Barclays that they place a block on payments going out to this company but it doesn’t seem to have worked.
  3. He hasn’t been making transactions, they are direct debits. I’m not really referring to it as fraud but the only way I can find information about the company is by reporting it to the bank to investigate, which would involve the fraud team. They haven’t included the web address of the website used OR the website where payments are managed (ie CCBILL, PayPal etc). They’ve just used the name of a non existent website
  4. Hi HB, It falls under dating category. But the reference is coming up as things such as sm21.com which doesn’t exist. My nephew is young and naive. He thought using my card for a free trial would go unnoticed, however he failed to cancel it. My issue isn’t so much about the charge, it’s the fact that after speaking to the bank, they can only find out the identity of the company who have charged me, by the fraud team investigating. Surely it shouldn’t be this hard to find their information? Isn’t there a law that indicates that companies need to use correct information in a DD
  5. Hi all, My apologies in advance if I’ve posted this in the wrong section as I weren’t too sure where to post. I’ve had four transactions on my account over the last four months from a company in Malta. I didn’t report as fraud when I spotted it as we had recently discovered my nephew had used it and it was possibly his transaction. The only thing is, he can’t find which website it’s related to. What makes it worse is that, even though the transaction ID, region and amount is the same, the reference name are for websites that don’t exist. They also change the site name each month
  6. I didn't report it at the time as we resolved the matter at the end of the day. I don't feel that the fact I didn't report it should be an issue. The reason I didn't report it was that I was afraid it would cause a divide between me and him, although it appears to have done that anyway. I have the time and dates that he shouted at me in an aggressive manner and (knowing him) I doubt he'll deny it as that would be out of character for him. Do I have any rights to request evidence that the two accounts (that have been taken from me) have really complained?
  7. Morning all, The only problem with taking a colleague in is that the Regional Manager would be there and given the amount of "brown-nosing" there is, they would be unlikely to raise any concerns whilst he is present. The PIP was to hit all my targets over the last 3 months as I had struggled to do so over the last 6 months. It's a disciplinary hearing I've been pulled into. As an outcome I'd like to get a settlement if they want me out. I feel my relationship with my manager is pretty much irreconcilable as we don't see eye to eye on many things. What favours (if any) can
  8. Thanks for your response. I've been called into a Disciplinary hearing. I just need to know if the points mentioned above are substantial enough to make a serious case against my manager. Also, I can invite someone to sit in the meeting with me on my side, any recommendations as to what sort of person to take?
  9. Good Morning All, I am going through some issue with my employer. I'll start by giving you a brief details. I've worked for them for 2 years in sales. I've had three different territories to look after since joining and have had three different managers. I've been looking after my current territory for 7 months now and have not always seen eye-to-eye with my manager. Yesterday, during a coaching session, he picked me up on something that I put down to an honest misunderstanding. However he chose to shout at me to the point which I had to politely ask him to not raise his voice at me as I
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