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  1. Hi, thanks for the quick responses. Yes I'm charged with driving in excess of 70mph on a motorway. I'm aware of all the possible penalties, fines, and ban I may receive just hoping someone could clarify the specific questions I noted down.
  2. Yes from what I have found at least 6 points or a considerable ban is likely, but I hold my hands up to it and will accept that, just the other details I'm confused about. Annoyingly I can't add the picture, but here it is word for word on the letter: You must attend the court 30 minutes before the time shown. A listing time is not a guaranteed hearing. Reasons the matter has been adjourned because. 1. As the court is considering whether to disqualify you from driving because of the seriousness of the offence or the number of penalty points. if you do not come to
  3. Hi guys, two quick questions really, just looking for some advise on both please. Firstly I pleaded guilty by post but now it has been adjourned so that I have to attend the second date. The letter is a bit confused, it says if you don't attend the court can hear the case in my absence and disqualify me, the disqualification will take place immediately so don't drive on the date of the hearing. However... it also says that if not attending an option is they can issue a warrant for my arrest! I plan to attend, although as the court is 250 miles away if given the choice
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