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  1. Lesson learned - we will be staying away from Waitrose for a good while. Will be waiting for others to advise. Cheers, Siph
  2. No the police were not involved at the time and they did not call the police. Many thanks for the warm welcomes.
  3. Hi All, I hope you can provide some insight to this situtation my wife has gotten her self into. A bit of background: My wife is here with a UK spouse visa due to extend in six months. She was accussed at waitrose for shoplifting a product worth 9.99. They took her to the office and took a picture, she was with the baby. They have given her a letter not to enter waitrose anymore. What happens next? will the police be involved? Is this considered as a criminal record? We are due to extend her visa, will this affect her? Thanks, Siph
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