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  1. Thanks Martin! My hearing is in March, so will keep everyone on here updated
  2. Ahhh okay, so my standard disclosure is any evidence I use, and it should include a cover letter with all sheets of evidence labelled by title/date like you said. Then witness statement is basically explaining my version of events and referring to evidence in my standard disclosure. Thank you for helping me with that
  3. It is ordered that - 1- there be judgment for the claimant for an amount to be decided by the court 2- the case be listed for disposal hearing on (time and date) before a district judge. The time allowed for the hearing is 30 minutes. 3- a)the claimant by 31 October 2016 file and serve on the defendant the witness statements of the evidence on which the claimant intends to rely in relation to any issues of fact to be decided at the hearing, and any notices of intention to rely on hearsay evidence. B) evidence at the hearing will be by witness statement only unless the court gives permission for oral evidence (which will only be done in exceptional circumstances) C) the claimant shall give standard disclosure by filing and serving copy documents with the witness statements together with a disclosure statements 4- the case has been listed for a disposal hearing because it does not appear that the claim is genuinely disputed on grounds which appear to be substantial, and is unlikely to take significantly longer than 30 minutes to try or to require oral evidence. If in fact the defendant does wish to dispute the claim on substantial grounds relating to the amount of the claim (the question of liability having been disposed of by the judgment) the defendant must by (date) file and serve (an amended) defence as to the amount. If, in the light of such defence, or for any other reason it appears that the case ought to be allocated to track or that further directions are necessary, an application should be made, if possible by consent, for appropriate directions and the hearing may then be used for directions and/or consideration of allocation instead. M2 this order was made without a hearing. Any party affected by it may apply within 7 days of service for it to be set aside, varied of stayed.
  4. If I'm honest, I don't know what that means really. I'll show what the full letter says in next post..
  5. Here's some parts I'm not 100% on 3b - evidence at the hearing will be by witness statement only unless the court gives permission for oral evidence (which will only be done in exception circumstances). By witness statement, do I have to fill in my version of events again or will they just refer to my N1 for this? Or do they just view documents given as evidence? 3c- the claimant shall give standard disclosure by filing and serving copy documents with the witness statements together with a disclosure statement. By this one I'm guessing it's saying I just have to say something along lines of 'All documents included as evidence are accurate and all information provided is correct' or if someone could let me know if I'm wrong!
  6. What should I send as 'evidence'? Main things like bank transaction, emails of them refusing to help and refusing to take responsibility etc? also had letter from bank explaining chargeback was unsuccessful and they weren't aware it was a dodgy account and that they've closed it. Do I literally just send loads of papers/evidence all in one envelope? I feel like I need to explain the papers a bit.
  7. I have a default judgment, but I feel like the defendant is going to appeal it to waste time And come up with a rubbish excuse as to why they didn't reply to the original documents. I will PM you further details!
  8. Anyone manage to get hold of steampowered? :/ still can't get through to his inbox!
  9. Ah apologies Andy, didn't know I could merge the threads. Thank you for doing so!
  10. Thank you Maroondevo. I tried to pm him but it said his inbox is full and he needs to clear it.
  11. I posted on here months back and was helped previously by a member called steampowered. My case has now progressed and I'm not sure how to act, so again came to this great forum to get some help:) for a reminder, I paid for a MacBook Pro online and it wasn't delivered to me and I was not provided a tracking number. I recently requested judgement by default and it was accepted (I think) so I've won, a judge just needs to decide how much I'll be awarded. I have a letter here however I'm not sure what to do from here. Im not sure how to post pictures from here so I can't upload, however if anyone wants to see the letter I got from my local court just pm or email me. As 3a in the image says, does this mean I need to send off any evidence I'm relying on such as bank transfer, emails between both parties etc. Also do I need to have 3 copies sent off (one to court, one to defendant and one for me) and also do I have to serve these documents to defendant or do I send it to court and they'll do it? Thank you in advance!
  12. Thanks hightail, will consider this before sending off the claim.
  13. I have an eBay account but didn't purchase it through eBay, hence I don't get eBay protection. They don't protect buyers if they pay outside of eBay even though I saw the ad on eBay. The sellers own website didn't say anything about age restrictions and I didn't think I was restricted to buying as I'm under 18.
  14. I think I'll issue the claim, and then apply for an order allowing me to proceed. After how long do I send the N244 form from the claim form? Thank you steampowered.
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