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  1. Update: After 2nd hearing and my points raised I won against them and just accepted another team with more training, Nothing on record.
  2. Second hearing is tomorrow, I've found out by a few sources in work they have just been told to not transfer to X Department no longer (I'm not allowed to contact them so I know not to bring this up in the hearing!) So not sure what this signs. The full reason is "Improper Practice and bringing the companies name into disrepute"
  3. I was given this during the meeting was in place not before, It was very minimum it here's a small type of stuff they have as evidence, I wasn't allowed to defend myself in the meeting that much really they just shown what I did wrong and shown me the evidence they had during the meeting almost like 20 seconds a part with no chance to defend myself, Basically a type of attitude like "Here's some evidence we have, Here's some more, Another one, I am not sure this is the correct procedure" Then swiftly moving questions It was a Internal Email 09:08:55: X Customer transferred customer ask
  4. Just found out that the team have been asked and coached today NOT to transfer any more calls to X Department and still no update on the investigation, Again hopefully this goes in my direction as others have been teached and I haven't.
  5. Hi again, The issue WAS A Disciplinary and I was brought into the meeting with my rep allowed and my rep is fighting for me as she also believes they are in breach of the ACAS Code and Guidelines, The note taker from the other side also believed this and the person questioning seemed to be targeting me. The reason is Gross Misconduct which my Union is convinced this doesn't fall under the line off, They are saying I have been transferring too many calls and the logs they have are very minimum and also fall in my favour of the right decision after I have asked for extra coaching Agai
  6. Thanks for your help Could I ask you what rules are they breaching, Just so I can bring this up to my Union rep in person so they can apply it in the meeting/hearing Thanks
  7. Hi, I work in a call centre for this company and I think they may be targeting myself to try and resign or look at anything to sack me in a unfair way, I"ve been with my Employer for 12 years now in a customer advisor role which I love doing. I have maintained high stats and high sales consistently since I started the job and earning a fair bit of commission. Over the past year things have changed in the employer with management shifts and the usual staff turn over, About 6 months ago I was Alleged I committed a action of Gross Misconduct for Call Avoidance but in the d
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