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  1. Hi A quick update about this whole business. As mentioned - about 12 months ago I'd received an offer (via The Property Ombudsman Service (TPOS)) of £150 to settle all aspects of the case out-of-court - ostensibly as a result of the defendant's (i.e. the Estate Agency) failure to respond to my complaints properly. After a few online discussions, the consensus of opinion/advice was that it would be best for me to take this offer, if still available, rather than go through the hassle of taking the matter to court, risk losing and paying (albeit meagre) court costs. Happily th
  2. Good point - thanks for that... although I suspect that the car was moved before the lorry arrived... but I can't recall where I got that suspicion from... Good point too... I'll follow it up it it comes to that point... I'll keep this thread updated about how it's all going... thanks folks... ATB JulianS
  3. Hi steampowered Thanks for your response... I took a proper witness statement (i.e. one that uses the proper format & language) at the time. Yes the neighbour is almost too willing to attend a hearing! (during the whole palaver he tried to intervene in a dispute 'tween the Property Management Team supervisor and the ex-tenant who had returned to try to salvage some of his possessions - it ended with the team supervisor squaring-up to my neighbour in the middle of the street in front of the whole neighbourhood. I hope he doesn't come-across as a vexatious witness!)
  4. Just to give some detail... 3 days after the car was moved one of the supervising members of the Estate Agency's property management team was at the house supervising repairs to the flat from which the hoarding tenant had been evicted. He told me that they'd had to move the car. I mentioned that there was fresh damage to the bodywork. We both inspected the car and he was adamant that they'd been very careful when they moved it. He accused me of lying, stating that he'd worked in bodywork repair and that the damage was clearly historical (i.e. it was already damaged before they mov
  5. Thanks for the suggestion king12345 I did think of doing that - in fact in Dec. 14 the Estate Agents did offer me the contact no. for the Skip company... I didn't follow it up since I didn't want to get into a 'they did it, no they did it, no they did it' situation which at the time I veiwed as a distraction since verbally employees of the Estate Agent had already told me that they'd moved the car... I suspect that now too much time has elapsed for memories to be considered reliable... I'll think about it but it's further delaying things also (i.e. a potential distraction).
  6. Thanks for the suggestion Bankfodder - this is something that I looked into last year (and it's not changed since I think?) - although my income is low enough I have savings which, in combination with my income, disqualify me from getting help with fees. The relevant guide can be found here I think?: http://hmctsformfinder.justice.gov.uk/courtfinder/forms/ex160a-eng.pdf One of the reasons why things have taken so long is because I work pretty-much full time (in education) and can't take time-off to work on all of this or collect forms on weekdays etc. Most of the big bits of progres
  7. Hi Chris Thanks for your response... It was only ever my intention to take the matter through the civil court to get compensation - I did report the matter to the police who came to have a look and concluded that it wasn't a strong criminal case (all of this took more time of course!). That was my intention - personal problems aside, one of the reasons it took so long is that I was being very thorough & cautious throughout - the message got through to me very strongly that going to Court was the last resort and that I would have to prove that I'd tried everyt
  8. Thanks BankFodder for taking the time to write such a comprehensive response... It's not quite 2yrs. - the £150 offer via TPOS was made at the beginning of April last year - so there was a gap of 9 months in taking action to move things forward - but anyway yes you're right that it's been a long time. The reasons that it's taken so long is that I've had a lot of other life business to deal with throughout - redundancy, finding new work - I'm on a low income (but don't qualify for legal aid) and as a result of it all I became ill so I've had to recover from that to a point whe
  9. Sadly no I live at the end of a quiet residential suburban street - the house opposite does have a camera but it's pointing in the opposite direction to where all this occurred... The thought of cutting my losses has occurred to me! Actually the majority of the work I put into the claim was done prior to taking it to TPOS - since then I've spent a few hours researching the Small Claims Process and writing the letter before action. Also it's not been just about the money - I've been incandescent with rage about the incident and the behaviour & attitude of the
  10. Hi I’m new to this forum so ‘hello’ & I’d be very grateful for any thoughts that people have. In summary I’m in dispute with a local Estate Agency. I allege that, in July 2014, employees of the agency caused £300 of damage to the bodywork of my car. Initially the agency did not respond to my complaints & requests for compensation. Eventually they contacted me by ‘phone to deny liability and refuse to put their position in writing. I referred the matter to The Property Ombudsman Service (TPOS) who was able to conclude that the agency had failed to respo
  11. Hi Good People... I've been lurking on the site for a couple of days... I'm just about to post about a legal issue I'm wrestling with but thought it only polite to say hello to the forum first... I look forward to being here... JulianS
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