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  1. hi i would like to make a couty court application as quickly as possible and would like help filling the application as i cant wait for solictor to help as i want to strike while the iron is hot
  2. the effect is that icant do most mechanical work as therir were some special tool and also tyre changer thing of that nature ive opend my old place but i have to turn work away as i do not have the equipment and for the vehicle i was with him for 5 month and he want £25 a day charge on each vehicle so ball park 10000+
  3. also on the invoice it states after 14 days court action or crush vehicle
  4. basicaly it was a auto shop ihave all my kit plus recovery truck and cars still there as there was no written agreement since the date i moved there he sent me a invoice for storage fees on the vehicles from the time i moved in with all my gear but i still kept my old place as we couldnt move everything at once so i told him i did not want to carry on working together no more and was going to move back with my stuff. so when i went the next tday to move he said we will figure everything out and then i can move my thing so i went home planning on cominng back later i recived a call from hime threatening me so i did not go back i got our friends involved to amicably sort this out and then i get this bill which is invoiced since the day i started as his partner but my stuff is still all there
  5. hi there not sure if this is the right place buthere we go five months ago i went into a buisness merge/partnership with a friend who is in the same line of business who was struggling financialy because i thought extra pair of hands would mean less hours for me. i left the partnership 2 weeks ago as he was hardly doing any work and i was working more than 80+ hours a week. i had agreed for a fixed income untill his debts were up to date at which point the profits would be 50/50 but he was not paying off his debts and just chilling leaving me to do all the work. i had a complete setup but he hardly had anything i even injected money into the business for stock but as i was seeing more of my hard earned money eaten by him i told hime i dont want to work with him and that i would just take all my stuff and set up shop back where i originaly had my business. when i went to pick up my things he told me that we need to sit own and do paperwork profit/loss before we do anything else so i had to wait so he can work it all out so i went home so i went home only to recieve a phone call from him threatning me, me being a nice guy decided instead of the police to get friends and family of our involved to sort this situation out and in return i just recived a invoice for my car at his place which i was not able to pick up because 1 he had it blocked in the yard 2 he threatend me so i did not go back just waiting for our friends to get a solution but now he has sent me an invoice plus all my stuff are at his place and the thing is we did not have a written agreement and the thing is i dont know what to do to get all my stuff back
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