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  1. Hi slick, no it wasn't a monthly gym membership. It was a six month contract but I terminated it within the notice period. But the gym, Fitness First, stated that the letter arrived too late, which could not have been the case ( unless the postage took like 3 weeks) . They then automatically prolonged the membership for another 3 months. Which I then paid as I had no proof that I send the letter on time.
  2. As long as they made the pricing error and you bought it during that time you should get the chairs for the reduced price. Your friend will most likely not be that lucky...
  3. Oh gee, this is annoying. I had a really bad situation with a gym chain too. I cancelled my contract after around 6 months of going to the gym. After the termination of the contract they continued to subtract money from my account and claimed that the letter which terminated the contract never reached them. It took me 4 months to sort everything out as the chain was being so stubborn.
  4. If necessary you can kindly remind them that what they are doing is illegal. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
  5. It would really be very good if she went to the police. She might want to also consider calling a helpline. Sometimes it can help a lot to speak with a professional or sharing your experiences with someone who was in a similar situation. There is a national helpline for anyone who feels threatened by stalking and the people operating this line might be able to give her some additional advice.
  6. Have you had a check into additional dental insurance. I know it will not really help with this problem at the moment but it is always a good option for the future. I am quite dissatisfied with the dental services covered and provided by the NHS this is why I choose an additional insurance.
  7. Well, if you were actually say more about that, someone might have had a discussion with you.
  8. I really don't think so. I think it has long been a matter of education and upbringing, but as both are more equalized in this day and age. I think the differences in character will diminish.
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