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  1. Many thanks. But just out of curiosity if the driver lives outside in EU, does it come back to the keeper or do they still have to go and search for the driver as the PFA 2012
  2. Thank you very much for your help. just some clarification please. If I do provide the details of the driver with PO Box address would that be sufficient even if they live abroad. If they are a memeber of the IPC do the signs have to show IPC on it , hence not compliant. Can they have membership with both IPC and BPA
  3. The Sign is what the CPM have provided in the photos the hold on their date base, as I was not the driver, I am not sure what signs are there. The picture i have posted is directly from CPM website for payment section.
  4. Hi Guys I need some help with Private parking charge ticket. I am the registered keeper of the vehicle but was not driving the car and the car was been driven by another family member who does not reside in this country as the live abroad. I was shocked to get a parking charge notice from CPM letter saying formal demand notice as I have never received any notice or parking charge ticket on the vehicle. So having done some research, here is what I have noted. 1) According to the formal demand they states that they have issued the PCN to the vehicle because on 27/03/2016 at 23:22 it was parked where the driver became liable for a parking charge. I have checked photographic evidence on their website it shows photos were taken from 23:02 and the last photo was at 23:09 but nothing to show the time 23:22 2) PCN issued on the 1/04/2016 for not displaying a valid permit – Their letter states time issue as 11:19 (Confusing) 3) According to the photos of the signs they have taken they have indicated that they are member of BPA, This is also confirmed on their website but their letter shows that they are a member of IPC. Does this make a difference? I noticed that CPM is under UK Car Park Management Ltd which they are a member of IPC and not BPA . 4) Payment on their website states that ; “Payment Details This Parking Charge Notice is now 26 day(s) OVERDUE. All credit and debit card payments are subject to a £1.50 Processing Fee.” Are they allowed to charges processing fee for debit card. Can someone please help me to draft a letter for these people. I m stuck and I don’t know what to do…
  5. I have attached the actual photos and the ticket it self As you can see this is on the main road which is owned by the local authority , however it seems that loading bay is on a private land. In this area there is a lot of regeneration going on with a new Sainsbury local opened. The loading bays is just outside the sainsbury
  6. Thanks for your assistance I had a look at the initial ticket that was posted . They have indicated that the PCn was issued on the 13/10/2015 (Although no ticket was placed in the vehicle). date of posting was 20/10/2015 and date of this notice given 22/10/2015 I will try to upload the initial letter first received.
  7. Many thanks for your assistance in this matter At the moment the actual parking charge is at home and the appeal to the private company was made on the 29/10/2015. I believe either contravention date was on the 13/10/2015. The issue is that the company states that they have sent a response. (WHICH I HAVE NOT RECEIVED), However over the conversation I requested a copy of the rejection letter and the reason why it was rejected, they have advise they cannot provide m this and to contact the DPR. Going back to DPR they putting the blame to me as why i have not chased them UP [/b]
  8. That was a copy of the appeal sent n OCTOBER when we received their parking charge.
  9. Many thanks again for the useful information. The issue there are NO ANPR cameras at the location. and ticket was palced in the vehicle. The only thing was the letter. By any chance do you have any template that i can use please. This is what I have written to them before. Without prejudice, except as to costs Dear UKPCM, Ref: XXXXXX(ref number) On 13/10/2015 I was the registered keeper of a Ford Galaxy registration number xxxx (vrm). I am appealing as keeper. Your notice to keeper is not compliant with POFA 2012 and therefore as keeper I am not liable. The notice does not specify the period of parking as required by regulation 9.2.a. of schedule 4. The driver parked, read the notice and decided not to accept the terms and conditions. They left within a reasonable grace period. Your photographic evidence spans the period 17:40:27 to 17:41:27, or a period of one minute. This is not enough time to read the signage. You have no evidence the vehicle therefore contravened any terms and conditions. The NTK states the parking event took place at 18:34. However, this is over one hour after the photographs were taken and you have provided no evidence to support your claim the vehicle was present at 18:34. You claim that the signage is clear and concise. However your photographs prove this is not the case. The signage is tiny, with small writing and high up. The writing cannot even be read in the photograph you filed as evidence. The signs cannot be read from the vehicle and it is not even obvious they are related to parking. I note that your company featured on watchdog where an undercover reporter found out you regularly file false evidence in appeals. In Addition I should be grateful if you would first answer all the questions and deal with all the issues I have set out below. Once you have done so, I will be able to make an informed decision on how I deal with the matter. I should be grateful for specific answers to all questions raised. In this respect I remind you of the obligations set out in the current Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct. I dispute your claim for the reasons set out below. Please note that although I dispute the whole basis of the parking charge, my main concern is its disproportionate and punitive level. 1. Your parking charge amount claim. Please explain on which of the following grounds your claim is based: (i) Damages for trespass (ii) Damages for breach of contract (iii) A contractual sum 2. Your loss. If it is your case that that a trespass was committed or that a contract was breached such that your claim is one for damages; please give me a full breakdown of the actual losses which evidences that this parking charge is a true reflection of the damages caused solely by the alleged parking contravention. 3. Your status – the creditor. Your Parking Charge Notice - Notice to Keeper simply mentions Parking Control Management UK Ltd (PCM). Please tell me who is the actual creditor making this £100.00 parking charge demand. I need to know exactly who is making the claim and in what capacity. 4. Ownership of premises. Please tell me who owns the Heath Parade NW9 or the part of the parking bay as I wish to send them a copy of this letter. 5. Contractual Authority Please provide me with a copy of the contract between your company and the landowner/landholder that provides the necessary contractual written authority for the issue and enforcement of your Parking Charge Notice - Notice to Keeper. 6. Signage. If it is your case that a contract has been breached or that a contractual sum is now due, please send me photographs of the signs that you display and upon which you seek to evidence that a lawful and legally enforceable contract was been entered into. Please ensure that the photographs show the terms and conditions in a clear and legible manner. Please provide me with a diagram showing the locations and layout of those signs at the car park. Also provide evidence that the wording is in plain and intelligible language and in sufficiently large print as to be legible to a driver at the car park’s entry point. 7. Summary I look forward to receiving your acknowledgement within 14 days and as there are no ‘exceptional circumstances’ your comprehensive reply within 35 days. I will then be able to make an informed decision as to how I deal with your Parking Charge Notice – Notice to Keeper. If you reject this challenge or fail to address the issues that have been raised then, please ensure that you enclose all the required information (including the necessary ‘The Independent Appeal Service code’) so that I may immediately refer the matter for their decision. If you fail to follow any of the procedures outlined in the Independent Parking Committee (IPC) Code of Practice or your legal requirements under the Protection of Freedoms Act, or the requirements of the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct then I will make a formal complaint to the DVLA Data Sharing Policy Group, D16. Please Note: Unless you have specifically requested it and received my express permission, you do not have my authority to disclose or refer this letter or any other communication from me to any other person or organisation. Yours faithfully, XXXXXX Please note that a copy of this complaint has been sent to the following organisations: 1) The Independent Parking Committee 2) Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 3) Matthew Offord MP 4) The Independent Appeals Service
  10. Many thanks for your assistance, but in this case do I wait for them or make complaint, to PCM. I have downloaded the photos from their website and also i have the proofsas well showing the time on the photos does not match with the time on their parking ticket
  11. is not a private car park . the loading bay is actual on the main road which is owned by the local authority , only that part is private land , any JOE BLOG will think it belongs to the Council
  12. Hi, A friend of mine receive a Parking charge through the Post, i have attached a copy of the ticket they have received by post. No ticket was issued on the vehicle and there is no CCTV camera or ANPR system The driver said that they were inside the car and were trying to read the information on the signage and they moved after they read the sign. Having looked at the ticket it stated that the ticket was issued at 18:34 but the evidence on-line shows that the ticket was at around 17:40. Can the driver fight on the grounds no ticket was issued to him and that the time is wrong... Well What I can say. they have not responded at all and then suddenly we received another letter from DRP dated 10/12/2015, demanding payment for unpaid parking charge. However this letter was received very late. I contacted UKPMC to find why they have issued this letter we we have not received a response to our appeal, they stated that they have issued response. I have informed no response was received. they told me to contact the DRP. I have requested copy of the letter and what grounds it was rejected, they refused to give me this info,. I also contacted the DRP, they also said they cannot issue the copy of the letter and they have refused to give me the letter and that they insist that I was parked in Loading Bay. This week I received a letter before referral for legal action and I bit concern regarding this issue. Any advise ion this matter would be much appreciated. PCM UK.pdf
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