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  1. how do I find out who the chief whip is for the conservatives preston, I didn't vote for this individual I git stuck with him due to moving to the area I am at now, I am going to sue his office for obstruction. Could I approach anther party leader due to the complaint against this mp
  2. I would like to ask if anyone knows of the legal procedure for summoning an MP to court in what I used to know as a questioning order or the new equivalent, I have been researching the representation of the peoples act 1983. I require a phso complaint signing and have been obstructed by the MP and his staff. Due to problems at the CSA. I believe Lord Freud has stepped down in relation to my police report on the matter done under the money laundering regulations. My case against the csa is so severe. It is unreal. The only thing I can find is this PRACTICE DIRECTION 39A – MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS RELATING TO….. can anyone advise please
  3. they are all connected, i have been in contact with liberty about the breaches of my human rights and civil liberties, what would you like to know
  4. Hi, i hope you dont mind me asking, how did the overpayment come about, the 2500 was it a bursary or grant or was it tuition fees paid to the actual university, did you spend a year there and transfer elsewhere. I would doubt they would be able to prejudice your study elsewhere as this could lead to legal actions, if they are treating it as a debt they would have six years from which to pursue you from the date the overpayment occurred, after that date it would be statute barred.
  5. Hi all, I am not sure if posting in the correct area, but no doubt will be moved if not. I have four issues I would like some advice with please. I have had an order granted against me and the company have not complied with providing me any means to make payment such as banking details, i applied for a variation order and they have failed to respond to the courts, it has cost me 400 quid in legal costs to ask what options i have available, and they have advised to file the variation but to request costs for them failing to supply details, can i do this 2nd issue; my ex wife is making erroneous remarks to the csa about my supposed working and or moving which they then act upon without even speaking to me, what can i do on this front short of an injunction 3rd issue; in the above legal case the company were given my case papers which covered an appeal and query overpayment , which they have ignored yet again, despite this being given to the other sides legal rep he has not reported any of the information back to the company. and they repeatedly threaten and harrass me for money i do not owe whilst they ignore dealing with my overpayment issue, please can you advise on what options i have on this front. this case is still technically still underway. I understood the company should not be contacting me in any capacity untill it has been formally dealt with. given there is no contract between me and the company can i hold the person whom instructed them accountable personally.
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