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  1. Yes l have CCA l am trying to find out information on the company to whom owns the debt ? First Credit (Finance) Ltd had the loan first and now 1 credit ltd has it, the companies both have individual Registered No what does an enforceable agreement look like
  2. Can somebody tell which company owns the debt ? 1 credit or 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd l asked for the notice of assignment and this is the letter the letter l was sent Dear Sir / Madam dated 05/07/2007 Re Your agreement with HFC Bank Ltd Relating to Account Number: Balance Outstanding: We write to introduce 1st Credit Ltd to you. HFC Bank Ltd has assigned to 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd the full outstanding balance due under the agreement referred to above. As a result of this assignment, the full amount outstanding is due to 1st Credit (Finance) Ltd immediat
  3. Thank for you help will cancel the DMP tomorrow as this is the only one left on it as l cca all the rest and they sent letters back saying the loans were closed and they would not be chasing then , 1 st credit has been the only one still requesting the loan to be pay back
  4. baines and ernest is my DMP and l'm waiting on a SAR from them, sorry as a newbe what do you mean by this HFC should be D&B like DX many thanks for your help
  5. No they are not chasing me as l have been paying debt through my Dmp since 2009 they are tell me to carry on paying through my Dmp We have done a CCA and found that the loan is not on my credit file My late payment was 1 feb by my DMP l m am trying to find out if 1 credit have the rights of legality of the loan as they were not following a good practise in 2009 eg OFT imposes requirements on 1st Credit over debt collection practices HFC loan taken out in 2003 have SAR HSBC again as l lost some of the paperwork -as l need to look into as the loan paper
  6. Have cca 1 st credit and SAR HSBC (HFC) and there was no notice of assignment sent in the paperwork , HSBC in the paperwork they sent me they did query between their depts if they needed to buy back the loan and their answer was no
  7. hi wonder if some body can help with this I have CCA 1 credit this was not in the information was not in there so l emailed them the other day see below Hi Thankyou for some of the information l requested I also require you to supply me with a copy of the deed or notice of assignment for this account. this is their reply 1st Credit Reference : Original Creditor : HFC Bank Ltd 2003 loan unsecured Your Balance : £ Dear Thank you for contacting 1st Credit. With regards to your request for a copy of the Deed of Assignment, we would refer y
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