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  1. Update: one of the debts with Low, havung been satisfied at about 10%, had been taken off ALL of my credit Giles, default and all. At first i thought this was just while they updated, but Month after month it remains absent from all three CRA. I might see if i can negotiate similar goodwill on the other one (which is in a long term payment plan)
  2. Yes - vanquish credit card you asked for more deets of above Heers
  3. This definitely isn't a pre-2007 account. This OC account started 2011, defaulted March 13. That's why I'm not sure the use of the CCA...
  4. Yes - it does bother me that I'm funding their activities as, even though I morally owe the debt, I hate the way these charlatans think they can make the rules up as they see fit. However - I thought doing a CCA request was seen as outdated these days? Ie agencies have been provoked to get very defensive/play the game by following that route and, people have been losing in court against them...? Please correct me if wrong
  5. Well, it's originally a vanquis debt - and, at least morally, it is my debt. I've arranged to pay it off at a discount by affordable instalments. I know some would say the fact I've been given a discount is enough to indicate they may not have enough legally to enforce it, but I've never checked it out. I see my low repayments as 'anti CCJ' instalments to be honest, so my file doesn't get any more negative entries before the default eventually drops off.
  6. You're right - received this this morning: "We have removed your email address from our current contact details and apologise for any inconvenience caused, this is by no means our intention." It's angering - clearly they were just fishing for a debt to chase on the off-chance I had another, given I've been paying one to another DCA. I think it's appalling they do this, asking for personal details etc. Is there anyone this activity is reportable to? Ciao
  7. I've been paying one to another DCA. I think it's appalling they do this, asking for personal details etc. Is there anyone this activity is reportable to? Ciao
  8. As I predicted: "Dear NAME Thank you for contacting 1st Credit. To enable us to discuss this matter via email we would appreciate it if you would confirm the following details for us within the next 7 days: * Date of Birth:* Previous postal Address: Once this information has been confirmed we will then be able to discuss this matter with you. This will give us authorisation to write to you via email while ensuring we are complying with data protection legislation. Should no contact be forthcoming, your account may be subject to further letters, telephon
  9. I know you call it 'cash cowed' in fact I used the term myself in my OP. I'm comfortable with that arrangement, as long as it stays that way until satisfied. Neither do I mind being a bit green. what troubles me is why 1st credit haven't said who they're acting for/what debt it is. It suggests to me they're fishing for something they don't know. Don't worry - not going to give them a single inch of further info.
  10. I too, on 4th April 2015, was told by wonga I would not afford the loan under new rules and so they bought it back from PRA in Feb 2015 and have wiped it from my credit files, which indeed they have. I'd suggest anyone whose loan hasn't yet been written off/bought back to keep pursuing it. I was a student at the time, but did have an income. It was probably affordable at the time ( I just ran into bother afterwards), though I've no idea what their criteria are.
  11. Thanks again Out of interest, do you think they could be 'fishing' for a debt to chase? Could they have access to my credit file, having had no dealings with me? Are they known to have 'fished' before? If they are acting for someone, shouldn't they just say who? Cheers
  12. Thank you. To be clear, the only thing I'm worried about is the letter from 1st credit, after reading about them, just posted the rest for full background disclosure. To be honest, I think I'll just ignore them completely from Joe until- 1) they tell me they're acting on a debt I recognise; 2) it's not one from ten years ago, and; 3) I've SAR 'd whichever OC it is to discover that it's actually been passed to 11st credit
  13. This seems to be something of a standard letter of theirs, I've seen it in another thread - try searching 1st credit on here. If I remember rightly, the letter is somewhat incorrect on a few points and the OP there kept up the fight.
  14. So, I had a rough time a few years ago, ran up some debt, got some defaults and now I've got myself sorted I'm trying to fix it all up. Debt details: A wonga loan (around 1k) An unauthorised overdraft (500) A credit card (1k) A telecoms (250) There may be another, smaller payday loan but I think I paid it off These are all from three years ago. There may be more oustanding debts from student days, but this would be 10+ years ago and I haven't heard a peep about them. Now, Wonga wrote to me last year to say I couldn't afford the loan and so they bought it back and wro
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