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  1. Thank you Dx, Trust me I will never do it again. So you think I should just ignore RLP and get on with my life? Thanks
  2. Hello all, I am extremely embarrassed to have to post this I was caught shoplifting from Tesco last month. I had just found out the company I work for was going into liquidation and therefore was having one of those days where you could cry at any misfortune that might happen to you. I went to use the self check-out in a large London Tesco. After scanning all the items through and put them into my own "Bag for life" it came to £47.00 and so I took out my debit card and went to pay, after putting in my pin it said my card had been declined and therefore I was waiting for the assistant to come over and put a pin into the screen. After waiting 5 minutes (One assistant to about 20 tills that all seemed to have a problem) I saw red and picked up my bag and walked out. I know this was the wrong thing to do and I have never regretted anything more. As I was walking out a security guard stopped me and asked me to come with him, I said of course and followed him. They took me to a room and checked though my bags, I was very calm and showed them everything I stole. They asked for my I.D and they wrote down all my information into a book, Then because there was someone kicking off in the store the guy came in and said "Collect all your things, we need this cell" and so i collected everything he gave my ID back. As i was leaving he said to me "You are banned from Tesco for a year and you will receive a letter in the post with a amount of compensation you have to pay", he then opened the door and I left. A week later I come home to find a letter from "RLP" saying that I need to pay the amount of "£147" to cover Tesco's cost's. 1. Firstly is this a normal amount? 2. Did the man at Tesco do everything he was meant to do? I have read alot of these Forums and alot say that people signed a form saying they were aware they were going to get given a form with a compensation amount on? 3. What happens if i don't pay? The Tesco in question is one off the biggest in Europe and I see people get caught all the time in there? Does this make any different. 4. Because the police were not called does this mean it will not get forwarded to the police if i don't pay? 5. Or do I just find the money somehow and pay it? I really don't have the money now I have lost my job and have to pay for my studies. Many Thanks in advance, A very silly man.
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