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  1. Just to add the ACAS officer was the person who drew the agreement up.
  2. Yes I have spoken to an ACAS conciliator who was the person who advised me of the value of my claim, and how the ET assesses and gives awards, but which I have since found out is not remotely true in terms of how the ET works.
  3. Well said ericsbrother re the Godlike status. Tshirt and video. It's a tough road to travel as I've found to my cost. As many other whistle blowers have discovered.
  4. I have a matter of automatically unfair dismissal pending. Could not take it to an ET without speaking with an ACAS Conciliator. Conciliator advised me my claim was worth very little even if I won it, which I can prove (One and a half weeks wages which I now understand is a Basic Award) and which I have now found out is not remotely reflective of the amount I may be entitled to claim. A COT3 has been generated with an offer from my former employer which has offered the pittance I was led to believe I was entitled to claim by the ACAS officer. Is the agreement binding when it was formed upon t
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