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  1. I don't know.. i.e. I haven't paid it as her father (my husband) was going round there today when he finishes work. I'm waiting to hear from either of them but, after a discussion with my husband I'm not sure what it is he wants to do. As it's his daughter then I'm leaving it there - I don't want to feel that I've overstepped the mark if you see what I mean... and yes, she has single person discount
  2. Dear All I'm not sure when the LO was issued but I'm pretty sure it was issued after they went their separate ways. I don't know if he (ex) has contacted the Council regarding the fact that he's moved out - I know that they had some dealings with the landlord regarding the contract etc and she had informed the Council that she was now a lone tenant... I'll ask. I'll ask her to ask her ex too as she's still in contact - he does have their son (my grandson) for a night once a week I believe. thanks
  3. I've since read that notification of a liability order doesn't have to be sent to the debtor.... now that's pants. It's hard to pay a debt when the theoretical letters from the Council have never materialised. I believe she's going to the Council today. I will post later with details if she gets back to me though I feel that I best phone bank to transfer money into my current account.. I guess if it's paid then it's paid.
  4. thanks.. no, sorry it doesn't (probably my way of explaining). Does the Council have to apply to the Court for a Liability Order? and does a copy of that Order need to be sent to the person owing the debt (i.e my stepdaughter)
  5. I meant the full amount outstanding.... another thought. Did the bailiff have to be appointed by a court? I.e. did the council have to go to the court before instigating a bailiff?
  6. thank you all for your replies. no need to worry - I wasn't offended in any way. Stepdaughter has a 15 month old baby. Her husband left her last year so she had to hand in her notice (working as a careworker for vulnerable young adults in a residential home). She has been diagnosed with PND and is receiving help for this (this has been ongoing for a while). The non-payment of Council tax was from 2014 when her and her husband were together -the paperwork issued is in both their names. She isn't able to work now due to caring for her son and is on benefits and has little, if a
  7. really? now this advice was from a government debt helpline who provided me with linked documents etc... ahh well
  8. thanks for your replies... I've since found out that, wheras the Council said it wasn't any of their business anymore as it had been handed to a bailiff that that wasn't exactly correct. They should follow the collection of council tax and arrears good protocol and they can take the debt back and take out payments from her benefits (the protocol says that this is advisable rather than going direct to bailiff-stage). She is also classed as she is a vulnerable adult as she is a single parent with a young child who is unable to work and, again, the protocol should've been followed. of
  9. nope... not yet but will do so. I've actually got the details now ... I've just read something though. regarding the original notice of enforcement. if Chandlers can't provide a tracking number then would this fall within section 7 of the interpretation act 1978? (sorry have been delving in all over the shop on t'nterweb_.
  10. thanks for this. On a side note, she emailed the agent to inquire about the previous correspondence that she hadn't received, in turn he said to speak to the office, the office said speak to the agent (seems a regular occurrence here). Anyhoo, eventually the office said they posted it and to contact the post office but, of course, they hadn't sent it recorded delivery so it's her word against theirs (again, seems to be a regular occurrence with Chandlers). I've decided to pay it outright for her. I'll do it by going into the bank and doing it - I'm not giving anyone my car
  11. ahh. I see, when I think I do. But they haven't entered the property (i.e. the bungalow) itself, only entered to not knock at the door and leave said paperwork. Again, am obviously being dumb here but it doesn't seem that they've entered anything... thanks
  12. thank you... I'm not sure what you mean as 'taken into control'. No goods are listed at all on any of the paperwork as far as I'm aware (though I will ask)..
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