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  1. Hi. Just looking for advice on the state of play over unfair charges applied to my accounts. Still got 12 years to run on a mortgage with SPML. if i send an SAR letter is it like poking a sleeping bear. I have £1400 in arrears with them and on a repayment plan which i am keeping up with. Can they put the strong arm on me to pay all the arrears and when i can't start proceedings. What are the chances of success of getting back any charges or should i accept my fate and carry on paying till the end and stay quiet. My Kensington remortgage was finished in Jan 16(woohoo!!!). There are charges that have been applied to this account so what ,again, are the chances of success with this company with it being a closed account. My Welcome loan is due to finish in May 16. There are charges and maybe PPI with these people. Again is the a chance of success of getting these charges back in full or as they say " Keep Calm and Carry on" 7 years ago i was in such a financial mess even i wasn't sure what I owed to who. Today the only outstanding debt is the mortgage and 4 payments to welcome. Paid off credit cards, Remortgage, and car. Light at the end of the tunnel. Any advice would be most welcome, Tommy
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