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  1. . Hi I have posted but cannot see this apoloigies if I have reposted again! My mum is buying a lodge caravan costing 110 now this has been a show lodge/caravan and have no idea how long it has been there as a show lodge/caravan am I right in thinking I can ask for discount due to wear and tear, they have quoted 135k for siting and the decking now she is paying cash again I am thinking we should be asking for discount because of this, can you help in steering us in the right direction? Many thanks
  2. What do you think?? Lloyds To whom it may concern, I am writing regarding the interest that has been added to my account since July when I started on a Debt Management plan. I have been charged Interest £50+ every month and in July 2011 there was 3 x £50+ added in total I have paid £ £659.27 in interest since July last year, I have received letters stating that you have accepted the payment of £50 for the Loan and £37.04 on the overdraft, no mention of interest was mentioned on this (conveniently). Also speaking with my debt advisor she mentioned that you ws charging me £5 management fee on my overdraft but on the statement it shows overdraft fee?? Why is there 2 different names? I would like you to review my loan account as since paying you £50 a month I have only paid off £79.08 is this really helping my financial situation? Kind Regards
  3. Thanks guys do anyone have a template letter regarding complaints?? also will be looking into doing a dm plan my self as have a few days off work next week and I can spend some time on my finances No PPI !
  4. haha Very true! so you think I should go somewhere else. so any advise on LLoyds??
  5. This is just interest they added 3 lots in July when I started teh DM plan and then incurred every month going forward around £50+ each month but there is an arrangement set up for £50 which they have agreed to. Yes it is fee paying but lovely people and very helpful
  6. Hi I hope someone can help? I have been in a debt managemnet plan for 7 month now but my loan account has been incurring interest at £50 odd pounds a month apparently for arrears - although the debt management plan had a agreement with them for me to pay £50 they have charged me nearly £600 in charges every month? Is there a way I can get these back. Also my advisor have said that to get the interest frozen I need to make a lower repayment but will effect my credit rating is this correct? I am really upset by all this as I have only paid off £79 in 7 months what can I do??
  7. Yeah i am claiming for 3,000+ and i owe around 2,000+ so i am not taking the mick? also am still a bit lost on what to send to court? i have read a few forums and sort of lost the plot a little i am not very good at all this am a bit of a spanner:D any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks Heidi
  8. Okay Guys i am struggling, I have got to the stage to go to court, but am hesitant as i still have an overdraft outstanding in which if i win the money i can clear my overdraft. Am i pushing my luck???? should i go to court regardless that i owe them for my O/D or should i try and pay it off before i take them to court??? Please help!!!! someone!!!!!
  9. okay sent LBA and had a rather horrible letter saying that they cannot agree to refund them and that they are removing the goodwill geture they put in my bank. What shall i do is there a template or do i start court proceedings? I,m a bit of a spanner when it comes to concentration Thanks Heidi
  10. Thanks Guys Your most helpfull good luck with your claims!!! Heidi
  11. Hi I am new user on this fantastic site and am sorry to be a bit of a spanner but i am stuck i think??? I have sent the letter asking for my refund of charges and i have just had a letter saying -I'm sorry you are unhappy with the charges and i understand you would like these refunded. Although the charges are correct, as a gesture of goodwill, i am happy to refund 1,095 which includes any charges that are due to debit. (WHAT A CHEEK!) this is out of 3,488, i havent sent the court letter yet should i? or should i write back too abbey saying i will not except the gogw. please can some one help im so lost!!! Ta
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