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  1. I live in a private rented property that is littered with landlords attempted repairs and things that need repairing. Last night, whilst bathing, my bath parted ways with it’s legs and dropped quite suddenly. The legs on the outside of the bath have completely fallen off (they were stuck on with foam tape and not screwed to the floor at all) the bath had no additional support. Do i have any rights with refusing to allow the landlord to carry out the work himself (expecting a bodge job as per everything else he’s done in the house) and insisting that an actual trades person fixes or re
  2. After a bit of help with CCJs please! My partner has just found out that he has a CCJ from October 2014. All post relating to this went to an old address and the tenant there claims to have “lost” all of it, so he had never been made aware of this money owed until today. Due to post not getting to him, he has no number to contact and no idea who he even owes money to to be able to repay it. Today he was told to use noddle to check his credit report ahead of us being checked to rent a new home. This has obviously now fallen through due to this CCJ s
  3. Hi all. Just to update everyone, McDonald's has finally seen their error and awarded me the owed amount of holiday pay which is actually more than I'd expected. They certainly took their time about it but I'm guessing that it's easier for them to give me my money than it would be to deal with the bad press surrounding their treatment of a longstanding employee and the things she has seen whilst working for them! Thanks for everyone's help in this thread, it's really appreciated
  4. In shortest form, I told them I haven't received it and asked them to rectify that error. Obviously a lot more detail went into it regarding length of service and their own policy. Still no reply to my email a week later. I should have had this money nearly a month ago
  5. My maternity pay was statutory maternity pay which I was definitely entitled to (following several years of service!) there is nothing outlined in the employee handbook about not getting your accrued holiday pay for not returning, if anything it says that you will be paid what you are owed, as was the case with several people I know.
  6. It's every other Friday. Would have been payday on Friday just passed. Had no payslip at all on the day they're due (Monday before payday). Every other person I know to have left McDonald's received all of their remaining accrued holiday pay on their final payslip, which obviolusly hasn't happened in my case. I do get the feeling that the franchisee that owns it all doesn't make anything easy for his employees. He closed down a branch with a months notice when it later transpired that it had been in the pipeline for years. Then told all of the employees there that he could have just sacked all
  7. I would really like some help and advice please! In the end of December I handed my notice in to my job at a franchised branch of McDonald's so that I would not return after 9 months of maternity leave, following all procedures set in the employee handbook for the company and in the belief that I'd get 9 months worth of accrued holiday pay to the sum of £420 and a P45 too. I received a final payslip with the very last of my maternity pay, but no holiday pay and no P45 as yet. I have emailed my ex employer (I always email so that I always have a copy of all correspondence) to ask for the acc
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