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  1. They have two children and whilst they were at the time my friends I know they are crafty.

    I can see then making a statement of means showing zero excess money, even though they get plenty in benefits and are out every night of the week between them. And can afford to go buttons for the darts weekends twice a year which is not cheap!

    I just dont want them slipping through any loophole.

    Sounds cruel but Ideally I want a sheriff to go there and put the fear of god into them but I just dont think they care or have any sort of conscious.

    Sad really!

  2. Sorry didn't know which forum was correct.

    It wasn't just one loan.

    I lent them cash a couple times, then helped out with the purchase of a washing machines and then the largest amount was done via bank transfer but it was all discussed on Facebook, such is the world these days.

    I'm sure i am not the only person who has done this.

    anyway, the totals comes to the £1200 previously mentioned.

  3. Hi Guys,


    First post.


    I was silly enough to help so called "friends" out last year and found myself being owed a good sum of money.


    It was £1200 in total.


    They, or rather, she, the wife, did make two payments of £50 into my bank account but thats all I have ever received.


    I have a print out of a Facebook conversation where she agrees to the 'loan' and its amount and states how and when she would pay me back. I also have a text message string confirming all the details and copies of bank statements showing transfers from my account to theirs.


    I have never phoned them and always gone for a written form of communication to ensure I have a record.


    Just before christmas I sent a letter, recorded delivery, to their home detailing all the fact with dates and amounts and stated if they failed to resume payment or make payment in full I would take the matter further.


    She only text to say she would pay me and she would ignore any letter from the courts. I received no payment.


    I filed the MCOL and judgement has been passed in my favour by default as neither of them responded to me or the court. I have progressed it online to ask for payment in full by the end of Feb 2016 though I doubt I will get a penny.


    My question is what would be my best course of action once this deadline passes?


    I see on the MCOL website I have several options, all of which involve a fee which I am happy to pay if it gives me a reasonable chance of getting some if not all of my money back.


    She works, part time I believe, and I know where and who for, he works for Royal mail full time as a post man so an attachment of earnings may work. They I am sceptical as I bet they come up with some rubbish showing they have no surplus after bills, which is total rubbish as they are out all the time drinking!


    I had thought about bailiffs but wondered how effective they are, apart from what you see on TV.


    Any advice or stories from people who have been through the same would be gratefully received.





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