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  1. How do I obtain an attachment of earnings against both the husband and wife? the N337 form only has space for 1 person and 1 employment. Do I have to do 2 and split the amount owed 50/50?
  2. I believe I will try the attachment of earnings first. I realise I won't get my money all at once but I think it offers me the best chance to begin with to recoup some monies. They may well pay up to avoid their employers finding out, who knows?!
  3. Whats the N56? this is all such new territory to me. Hard life lesson learnt but I would like to recoup some monies. I can't believe i consider these people friends!
  4. If I apply for attachment of earning and they fabricate some unbelievable statement of means can I challenge it? Or if it turns out they can't afford anything that way can I then direct the HCEO?
  5. They have two children and whilst they were at the time my friends I know they are crafty. I can see then making a statement of means showing zero excess money, even though they get plenty in benefits and are out every night of the week between them. And can afford to go buttons for the darts weekends twice a year which is not cheap! I just dont want them slipping through any loophole. Sounds cruel but Ideally I want a sheriff to go there and put the fear of god into them but I just dont think they care or have any sort of conscious. Sad really!
  6. I just think that the AOE might take a long time and also think they will find a way out of it, pleading poverty or something. I know they own a car, sofas, dvd players, tv's and an xbox one. Can the bailiffs seize all these? If so, which is more effective the crown court or the high court bailiffs? Ideally Id like my payment in full in one go so they can't get out of it
  7. They do have a 57 plate vauxhall astra as well as several tv's, a dvd player and a washing machine which I paid for? Would the courts be able to seize the times for sale? I dont know the husband new address, should I make an effort to find out or is it not important at this stage?
  8. I am aware that the two are not connected, I was just stating a fact/asking a question .
  9. So, I'm thinking that an attachment of earning of the HCEO are the best options should it come to it.
  10. I know where they both work and for who. He is postman for royal mail and she cleans for a property management company. What if they have multiple bank accounts, does that affect the third party debt order?
  11. Were being the word here, that ceased when payments stopped! obviously A joint claim
  12. Sorry didn't know which forum was correct. It wasn't just one loan. I lent them cash a couple times, then helped out with the purchase of a washing machines and then the largest amount was done via bank transfer but it was all discussed on Facebook, such is the world these days. I'm sure i am not the only person who has done this. anyway, the totals comes to the £1200 previously mentioned.
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