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  1. Sorry I have just checked my bank statements and I didn't pay a big deposit it was just a normal payment that continued at the same ammount every month, the £336 was the ammount it went up when I moved in with my partner and changed adress. I'll just have to wait and see for when they send me a full breakdown and go from there, they have told me I can pay it interest free over 24 months from what I can figure out it seems I'm going to have to pay it. Thanks for all your help and i'll update when I hear from them with the breakdown. Thank you, Steven.
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm not 100% sure but I recall paying £339 at the beginning.
  3. Thank you I will, sorry don't mean to act dumb but "It is quite easy. They look at how many months you had cover, apply the relevant percentage refund to the account. They then compare it with the payments you have made, which leaves an amount left owing, plus the £40 adminicon fee." This is what I don't understand, what is the ammount owing, not monies but what it's actually for, if you know what I mean? I'm just not very good at all with this type of stuff as you can see haha.
  4. Sorry for all these posts. Phoned them just now and changed the cancellation date to an earlier day (the 9th instead of the 15th) new quote is £418.95p the lady on the phone did give me a breakdown but I couldn't catch it all and asked her to send me out a full breakdown which she said she would once I have sent the cancellation email and/or letter back to them. There was an admin fee of £50 and the rest was for the ammount of cover I have had, this is what I don't understand as I pay for it monthly so paid £260 the day I took the policy out and then the same each month on the 16th so I a
  5. I'm on their website no and have found the cancellation part but I can't see where it would ammount to what they are asking for? We do not provide suspension of cover. If the policy is cancelled we apply the scale below. A fee of £40 will be applied to cancellations. If you cancel the policy prior to cover commencing we will not make a charge for the policy and the £40 fee will not apply. Cancellation Period % of Premium we will refund Up to 14 days on cover Pro-rata Refund 15 days up to 1 month on cover 75% Up to 2 months on cover 60% Up to 3 months on cover 50% Up to
  6. Thank you, going to phone them now and arrange cancellation now and I will the go ahead with the formal complaint.
  7. Spoke to them with the online chat service about a breakdown, got told this Thanks Steven. Unfortunately I can't issue a breakdown of costs since we work cancellation costs on a calculator that takes several factors into account. This is largely worked our by the amount you've paid, the amount you owe and the time you have had on risk. After this I asked If I could have this above sent to me so I have some sort of evidence and he told me no and just to screen shot it.
  8. Hi and thanks for the replies, the only document I have ever recieved from One Call is my policy which says nothing in it at all about cancellations, their website doesn't seem to say much either but what it does say if i'm being honest I don't really understand as there seems to be a few fees for the same thing and nothing that would ammount to what I'm being charged. Thanks Steven
  9. Just to add, I am with One Call insurance. I have had the policy since September 2015 and also have a compulsory excess of £3000 with this company too.
  10. Hi, I am going to cancel my car insurance as I have found it cheaper else where, I’m currently paying £3120 a year (£260 on the 16th of the month) I have found it for £1160 a year. I phoned up my current insurer and asked them what I would be charged to cancel, they told me it would be £467.19p to cancel surely this can’t be right, the bloke on the phone assured me that it was the correct fee and was nothing he or I could do about it and said if I needed to I could pay it off monthly over 2 years with no interest. Just wondering if this seems correct and if not what I should do about it.
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