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  1. Pay-out on 8th march after 3rd party solicitors held onto check for 23 days so 3 calendar months to my pay-out, AMC still chasing there part so awaiting info on that part, so almost near closure, lowered my expectations of insurance in general but you live and learn.
  2. Managed to get new info, apparently 3rd party solicitors are questioning engineers report as two submitted one unstripped repairable second was stripped total loss as once stripped pushed costs over there was a fine line of about £500 here, problem is took half a dozen calls to get this info, this is amounts to obvious stalling tactic on 3rd party side, total loss cheque sent to 3rd party solicitors who wont pay until they investigate. Now I wish I would of stayed in credit hire, tried to do right thing now getting stung all at my cost. looks like hitting 3 month mark think they have to make a move after this time frame told they have until 9th March to finalise makes 3 months as accident was on 8th Jan. I just might be able to finalise this thread at some point hopefully.
  3. Been a while since updated this thread, well bought a car on the 6th Feb and ended the credit hire as I thought was right thing to do, had to stretch my finances as not yet paid out but thought check will not be far behind "WRONG". Now entering my eighth week still no payment except scrap value of my car so still chasing AMC. Words cant describe the absence of any urgency from this company oh they are chasing there payment off 3rd party but seem to of forgot mine. Forwarded v5c,invoice,mot from old car week ago today was told that was last thing they needed payment should follow. So rang today and on my call have just sent documents to wherever they need to go, what a shambles they led me to believe 3rd party will be sending check looks as today that's not the case????? they really do spin webs this AMC instead of telling truth. Almost had my own car on road for a month, lesson learnt here never use a AMC especially if your insurance recommend/use.
  4. looking at most recent 2014 get this as £69.6 incl vat not too far off given 2014 prices depends on 3rd party insurance they are all keen to shove you onto these ACM companies but complain when shoe goes on other foot.
  5. looking at agreement I have another insurance which is used if 3rd party don`t pay and they are unable to claim back, from what I have read as long as your claim is 100% non fault and you are not telling porkies 50/50 and dont have a second car or use of one, or have plenty spare cash and need a car, you then comply with AMC as to persueing 3rd party if neede then there will be no charge, I did question cost with AMC but they said if we wish to charge £1000 a day the 3rd party party will have to pay it??? Again this is learnig curve can only wait and see what outcome is, they are major AMC widely used by a lot of insurers.
  6. Not sure on timescales for claims others told me taking long but I`ve no experience of this situation unfortunately I am gaining some. Did go around car at point of delivery with del driver scratches were x 3 places noted, I have seen a tiny indentation near one of the scratches on drivers door as car was wet when delivered and the delivery guy as rubbing area this you couldn't see as small looks like ding from someone else`s door he marked scratch down but not very/small indentation, hire of cars abroad makes me wary of marks etc. That said is only thing I can see he didn't mark but easily missed and tiny, kept car clean and did wash once already will do again before I rebuke hire. And will go around car again when picked up, if no pickup condition report may print something for guy to sign for condition can`t be too careful. Will be glad to see back of hire car not a position I wanted to be in really but did need.
  7. Not too sure how system works on liability I would of thought by now 4th week this would have been admitted, but hey its insurance damage limitation, just received letter little out of date 2nd but states here once valuation accepted we will approach responsible party`s insurers to request payment of this sum. (Good) but does say last paragraph that I will receive a check from salvage agents for the salvage value??? in due course and once received fill in v5, already done this as spoke to AMC 4th and they gave me company name to put on v5 did this on DVLA website 4th, no mention of check on phone though?????. E-mail response seems tamer than hard copy probably done by two different people. All depends now on quality of 3rd party insures if they want to delay or be difficult I suppose. I could stay in credit hire car till settled but at this point better for me if can get back on road in own vehicle.
  8. ford c-max 15 plate this been cred hire so there will be £80 or so mark up on hire, longer you have price drops down by two tiers had for 26 days so 1-14 days is £111 pd, 14-28n days £92 pd, 28+ £52 pd.
  9. Okay got this far given independent valuation was pleasantly surprised no haggling required near retail price for car, car moved to salvage, now the engineers reports valuation etc. passed to 3rd party insurance for consideration, when enquired to AMC told liability not yet established??? so if this the case 4weeks in how can we put forward anything for consideration?????. just when things look like there moving forward more time wasting will have own car 4/5 days time so hire car can go do think this is the main reason time is being wasted so think only way is to over stretch to funding another car before pay out not ideal solution. No option to go back to insurance though only if didn't agree with independent valuation this was only to to see what they could do????. One thing for sure will pay excess and use insurers next time no more AMC for me, don't think they are wholly truthful on what they tell you even wife thinks odd, asked them for reserve figure for insurance quotes figure given was 10k wasn't asking just for there costs must think I banged head in crash.
  10. Just to update on this, the AMC advised independent valuers the ones they use to value if car repairable or not, Will contact me regards value of my car (cat c) they tell me if I do not agree with there price I can go back to my insurance to see what they can do on offer they will also discuss what I want to do with the car?? don't quite understand why I am dealing with this independent valuation company??? obvious I will not take first offer and go back to insurance. Although this is the company who authorised up to max £8097 of repairs!!!! so called experts.
  11. Insurance gave option as non fault accident, when asked which would be best to use was steered in direction of AMC company, car initially went to compound through insurance as was a Friday evening car started but lights were smashed police advised against driving, then through AMC was taken to repairer. This was and is new territory to me sharp learning curve.
  12. Sent copy of letter to acc management company as may be used as admitting liability, have 3 witnesses, car camera footage, and police report, 3rd party pulled out of a car park across 40mph dual carriageway this been in front of me as I'm travelling along carriage no warning no chance to avoid. so no way really to wriggle out.
  13. Just rang my insurer they are great at playing dumb they said they don't know what or how the accident management company will explain my options so would need to speak to them, (great) she did admit had taken rather long though, oh and I paid full 12mnth upfront and have only 250 xcess. Problem is with 3rd party is 10 days after accident received a letter no liability admitted but offering me a car physio etc. Noticed then that the car reg on letter and the one obtained at scene by police didn`t match, the reg on 3rd party car was a private reg, so contacted accident management company, They said its not the 3rd party insurance company and looked into it. It was apparently 3rd party insurance they had acquired this company and now there was a 3 way communication!!! and registration issue was there problem. At ths point I had credit hire car for 7 days. This Is without a doubt a learning curve feel like on a treadmill going nowhere. Will go back to using insurer if possible they have been paid and time for them to earn what they have taken!!!!. Thanks unclebulgaria 67 for advice.
  14. Just confirmed now that vehicle is total loss and that I will be advised by total loss team of my options to go through my insurance, to stay with them, or to pursue through third party??? will give me and breakdown of repair costs etc, Will have to look into this as agreements have been signed so do I really have options??took 3 weeks to get to this stage there are obvious costs now. Not exactly straight forward or hassle free as they would have you believe.
  15. Just entered the murky world of accident management company after having a non fault accident, my own inexperience and what I feel was sharp practice by insurer. I am now in the position of having to deal/use with one of these companies, my position is after repair garage one supplied (credit repair)valued my damage at unstripped £7589.12 this deemed 66%. Having been led to believe this would be a total loss by the advisors, I looked at the book price and retail price of my car retail £8000 max for age mileage, this is not 66% damage but 90%+, to my surprise this was authorised for repair to a max of £8097 I questioned this with accident management company to no joy(told these are experts). Now entering the 4th week apparently there are some extras after stripping to add to cost so still in limbo as the status of my car, communication is made only when I chase things up. This all adds up to be suspect to me and dragging on, very grey area as to my rights on this. I know this is purposely being dragged on as have hire car from them this will rack up costs for them to pursue from 3rd party . I am in deep at this point and not wanting to muddy the water as this is ongoing hence company name omitted and ultimately I don't want to be at loss so am tied to what these people do. I`ve Read all the horror stories but ultimately very very grey area anyone else been through this and experienced similar??????.
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