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  1. Great i will call the court tiday and akso submit the firm you have advised.Feel a little better niw that i may actually be able to do something about this. Will keep you updated as to what the court says. Thank you
  2. Thank you for the reply. The court stated that both sides failed to comply so im not sure what they asked the dealer for. i bought the car in March 2015 broke down the same day i bought it back from Derby. I gave him the benefit of doubt as he told me to take it to a local garage which i did and he covered the cost of £250, was a faulty control unit. three days later it broke down again so back in garage another faulty control unit he then paid again but the garage only charged him labour. Then in July it completly broke down again whilst
  3. Please could someone help i bought a car which went faulty after four months. i am taking the dealer to small claims court. i was given a date of 1st feb 2016, took a day off work to attend got back yesterday from holiday to find a letter from chesterfield court to say it has been struck out as i failed to comply with the previous order requiring the filing of evidence to be relied upon. im no solicitor so having gone through the paperwork i realised the court wanted me to get an expert to check the vehicle and submit his foundings. im no
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