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  1. Thanks for all your replies. Seems like it's more complicated than I first thought! I did find this from ACAS: My pay slip just shows Daily Rate £xxx.xx - 20 days £xxxx.xx There is no mention WHATSOEVER of Holiday Pay!
  2. Hi all, I've begun working with a teaching agency and have been on assignment since October 2016. The contract provided to me by the agency states that 'The Temporary Worker is engaged as a self-employed worker, although CT is required to make stautory deductions from the Temporary Worker's renumeration in accordance with clause 4(a)'. So I am self-employed but the agency deduct NI and PAYE tax from my pay - which is fine. The booking confirmations I have received from the agency cleary state Daily rate, length of booking, place of booking. There is no mention of a separate holiday p
  3. I know I probably shouldn't have replied now that Ofgem are involved, but I've saved it all and uploaded it to their evidence. I'm just more intrigued with how CRS are going to prove this debt! As they seem to be happy to chase me for money without any proof from First Utility that a debt exists...
  4. Little update.. Case is now in Ofgem's hands. I've had an e-mail from First Utility today stating that they are now providing information to Ofgem. Interestingly enough, had a response from CRS regarding the 'prove-it' letter. They reckon there is now a bill of £315.57 outstanding. The bill they have attached (which is the bill First Utility have sent to them) is from November 2014 (the last bill) and shows that the account is £385.65 in credit. This is going to go down an absolute storm at Ofgem when I provide the files tomorrow!!
  5. Now passed on to Ofgem. They have to remain impartial but the guy I spoke to thinks I have a very good chance of winning. Time will tell!
  6. So I phoned First Utility (recorded the call) and asked to either send me a deadlock letter or call off the bailiffs. Apparently this has been arranged. Today recieved the following e-mail: and my reply...
  7. First Utility have informed me that I was last invoiced on September 2014, which I was £10.22 in credit. Since then, no invoice has been raised for the £316.75 I apparently owe. As there has been no invoice in over 12 months, does this mean that I have nothing to pay under the backbilling code?
  8. Thanks for the info fkofilee. It is easy to see how people get intimidated to pay it straight away when a DCA get involved! So even though First Utility are now chasing me 17 months down the line, and they admit the error was their fault, I am still liable to pay this back? I am not trying to second guess your legal knowledge at all, just trying to fathom how this all is going to end up
  9. Hi newuser789 Having a similar problem with First Utility and CRS. Do let us know how you get on
  10. Hi All, In October 2013, I moved into a shared property in Norwich as a student sharing with 3 other guys. I organised/paid the bills and they all paid me. In August 2014, we moved out of the property. We had paid monthly to First Utility and had overpaid on our final bill. I had to chase First Utility and eventually they refunded me £350 (not sure to the penny as was a few years ago and I don't have the bank account anymore). However, during this chasing, I was told that I also had a £400 (ish) credit on my account and would refund this as a cheque. I did
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