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  1. UPDATE: Lee has replied asking me for the commercial reference number of the phone so he can give it to Alcatel. So interestingly, the phone isn't actually made by Vodafone as the branding implies. I have provided him with (hopefully) the correct code and hope to hear from him soon. I doubt this option will help though, as the phone itself is a refurbished phone (don't ask it's complicated), so I don't think that the manufacturer of it will be able to help as it's not an original model, if that makes sense. I'm really hoping this can hurry up though, I just want my money bac
  2. Yes, it fortunately has been resolved, apparently we didn't pay the last months bill that was due before cancelling the contract (and the direct debit too) So Vodafone, instead of letting us know we had missed the payment, kept the account open and kept billing us for the following months. So when we spoke to Vodafone after the first letter for £120 came through, they failed to mention this at all, and said that the account would be closed and all charges dropped. In the end we had to agree to pay the £40ish for the last month, and now they have dropped all charges. I re
  3. UPDATE: Lee has replied saying that he will chase it up again with the Unlocking team, I understand he has to do this before we can take any further action as he has to know for sure, but this will be the 5th time that the unlocking team has tried to unlock my phone, so I am 99.9% sure what the outcome will be. He has e-mailed me again to say that he will get back to me on the 7th (of this month) to let me know what will happen, so hopefully that will be the day everything gets sorted. Fingers crossed.
  4. UPDATE: I missed a phonecall from Lee (the Vodafone rep),so he e-mailed me saying that he had confirmed with the unlocking team that the phone was apparently already unlocked - which it isn't - and asked me to recheck my IMEI. I have sent him 2 screenshots from the phone in question, one showing the IMEI, and one showing the phone asking for an unlock code. When I spoke on the phone to him originally he did say that if the phone isn't unlockable then I would be able to get a refund so hopefully that will happen now. Fingers crossed!
  5. Well hopefully a manager will reply sooner, but I've had to wait 8 days for a reply from them before.
  6. I will keep this updated. The unlocking team normally take 2-10 days to respond with an outcome though so if this post goes quiet for a week that's why, but I will update you if anything changes. Thanks for all your help on this matter
  7. Okay so I have just spoke with Lee on the phone (who does seem very helpful) and he is going to escalate the unlock claim with a manager, and if even then the phone can't be unlocked I believe I will be able to get my refund.
  8. That's okay, thanks for taking the time to help me. I will draft up a letter to send to vodafone now, and if Lee gets in contact or anything happens, I will post back here.
  9. Okay give me half an hour and I will. Most of it is me on hold so I'll edit it okay? I told him I have the right to speak to a manager and he said he had the right to refuse as he didn't think a manager would be any use, as apparently getting a phone repaired/replaced for being faulty means that the online team is not responsible (even though the warranty carries over to the replacement phone), in fact his exact words (I think) were "no one can help you" I don't think I was being too aggressive on the phone, but I must have explained my rights/the situation 20 times today and I'm starting
  10. I have a recording of that yes. Okay so speaking on the phone has not resolved anything, when the next person I was talking to spoke to his manager explaining the situation, he was told that he wasn't allowed to talk to me about it - because he wasn't legally trained - so my only option was to write a formal letter to there head office. I have no idea how to do that, I think there are guides on here though?
  11. Just got through to someone on the phone was was incredibly rude, he refused to put me through to a manager and told me to take it to court. Don't you just love Vodafone?
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