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  1. I am guessing at a link to PPI as HMRC won't send my anything pertaining to the investigation in writing although I've asked for it. This matter is already supposed to have been investigated by HMRC so this is all post investigation and I've been told to cash both cheques on the phone today. I received two tax calculations form HMRC both saying the tax repayment was from Savings Income, the amount on both these calculations is actually slightly different to the amounts on the corresponding cheques, just a few pounds out. As you can no doubt tell I did not received a huge amount of savings income / or interest from my savings more like £2 as opposed to £2500! The only thing it could be is PPI, if it isn't that then it must be an error. However HMRC have already investigated this and the outcome is that the money is mine? Why would they make another error like this after investigation? Are HMRC that incompetent? Was the call handler who was taking my call and put me on hold to look at my case just too lazy / busy to actually check? I feel like they are putting me in a bad position by not properly explaining the outcome of the investigation by sending a letter. Obviously I don't want to take or spend money I'm not entitled to but at the same time don't want to not get it if it is due to me. @Ethel Street , I have not cashed either cheque yet so probably would have to request a replacement for the November Cheque now.
  2. I specifically asked the guy on the phone if I should cash both cheques and he said yes, they are not for exactly the same amounts, the second cheque is for slightly less, of course you could also be right!, I got around £5000 back in PPI reclaims but only previously got about £450 back in tax refund, I was never sure if this was right but at the time was happy with the £5000. I think they must be reading the PPI reclaim as savings income given that their is interest on that (the claim went back to 2003). The guy on the phone made it sound like the investigation had turned up additional funds I was owed but perhaps he didn't look too deeply into things? I'd call them again but its either they fob you off or it takes forever to get yet another confusing response!
  3. I am on ESA for ill health but do not receive any income from that due to my partner earring over the limit. My partner deposits money into my account depending on how much I need and I get £250 a month from my parents (they are well off). I have about £13'500.00 in savings: £9000 in premium bonds and £4500 in a low interest savings account. Last November I received a cheque from HMRC for £500 as a repayment for the year 2019 - 2020 as they had taxed me that amount on a savings income of £2500. I thought this was incorrect, I called them to find out why this was sent to me. I was told an investigation would be done and that it would be into 2022 before I found out the outcome. I waited until early March then I called again to get an update. The line was very poor and the woman I spoke to told me I would receive a letter soon. What I received was a letter detailing another refund for £500 for another year “2020 - 2021” for a savings income of £2500. I then waited again to see if another letter came but I only got another cheque. I finally called them again today and was told I could cash both cheques. I tried to explain about my savings and that I hadn’t earned £2500 interest on them but was told that if the system and investigation shows my entitlement then the money is mine. I did win some substantial PPI claims in 2018 - 19 and was never clear if I had everything back that I should have (including tax wise) so there is a plausible reason why I might have money owed to me. But really I don’t know. I did the right thing by contacting HMRC, they investigated and I’m still being told to cash the cheques. I wish they would send a letter to this effect but they haven’t and won’t. What should I do? I could just cash the cheques and stick the money in savings if they ever want it back or I could rip the cheques up?
  4. Hello, Thanks for your reply, I finally managed to speak to someone after holding for almost an hour. So I will fill it in and send it back - at least they can't stop payments they don't give me
  5. I've had a letter from the DWP today asking for details about the money my partner gets from their part time / voluntary work. I am registered as on ESA but I don't receive any payments from the DWP as my partner works full time and earns well over the amount where I might still be eligible for any payments. I informed them of this when I moved in with my partner in 2017 and not had any payments since. The letter is asking for me to fill out a form and provide lots of personal information about my partners income, wage slips etc which he isn't keen to do. Do I need to fill the form out or can I just write to them and say I don't get anything anyway?
  6. Thanks, I don't think that the letter is a scam or fake but wonder if this has been claimed by someone else, fraudulently. I suppose I won't really know until I get the rest of the breakdown but I don't see how I'm due a tax rebate for money I've not earned unless it is to do with the ppi I recieved.
  7. I am on ESA although I don't recieve any cash benefits as I am living with a partner who earns over the threshold. I stopped receiving payments in 2017 when I moved it with them. I do not work but am supported by my partner. I have a small amout of savings in my back and in premium bonds but less than £6000. I am still getting my NI stamp paid by the government and my tax code is ESA500. Today I received a check from HMRC for just under £500 for the year 2019 - 2020, from the Pay As You Earn, Senior Manager. While its nice and I could do with the money, I did earn or return any self assesment forms for the financial year 2019 - 2020. In 2018 I did apply for PPI repayment (hence my savings). I'm pretty sure I claimed tax back on those payments but that is the only money I've had come in in years that might have been taxed. The letter says that a breakdown will be sent seperately so I suppose I will find out more then. I think the letter and check is genuine but I'm worried it could be some sort of scam? Has anyone heard of this happening or have any idea if the repayment could be due to a scam? I won't bank the check until I can determine if this is genuine and actually due to me.
  8. This is the back story, please scroll down for the question on the chargeback, thank you. In october I purchased with my Mastercard a new apple ipad air 4 from apple. At the same time I bought an apple pencil from amazon. Unfortunately within a few weeks of use I realised the apple pencil was defective and had damaged my new ipad (its a known issue with users but apple don't formally acknowledge it which is typical for them) I spoke to apple on an online chat, sent images and they agreed online to replace both products. I had to go to an apple store to do this but was assured I would get the swap. When I got to the shop they disputed the online decision but agreed to return and refund the full cost of the ipad as they could not provide me with a replacement unit due to no stock. I was told that the funds would be back on my card in a few days and that I could go ahead and just buy another ipad from another retailer if I could find one as they were fast selling out. I did this fully expecting my refund to go through within the week. That was on the 29th of Novemeber. They told me to return the pencil to amazon, who refunded me straight away. After a week and no refund I contacted apple who told me the shop had made an error in how they put my refund through, I was transferred to the store who told me they are unable put the refund through again and they had to pass it to their financial team. I was then told I would have the money in 10 days but probably much sooner. Well it was 10 days yesterday and still no refund, I called apple again who advised that it was actually 10 working days I had to wait (so the 22nd of Dec) and that their was nothing they could do, they told me they could not give me any update or contect me to the finance team. I have been waiting nearly three weeks for my refund now and I have little faith it will actually show up by next tuesday and then if it doesn't all they will do is escalate it to finance again and I'll have to wait another working days for them to sort it out. Chargeback Query? Somebody mentioned that I might be able to do a chargeback on my credit card to get the money back from apple but I am not sure if this is possible. Apple took payment of £579.00 on October the 18th when I pre-ordered my ipad, so perhaps that is too long ago? I have the receipt apple gave me when they returned the ipad with the amount that was due to be refunded and a copy of the transcript for the chat where apple initially agreed to replace both products, although that never happened in the end due to low stock. Do you think I could do a charge back for this case? If so how would I go about it, do I just call my credit card provider? Also should I give apple till Tuesday to actually refund my money or do I just start the chargeback now if possible?
  9. We have a neighbour who often orders things online, they are then delivered when they are out at work and usually the delivery drivers knock on my door. I feel sorry for the delivery drivers because I know they have a tough job so usually take the parcels in. They then have me sign little computer screen and leave a card for my neighbour and either they come to collect it or I will drop it round to them. However I have just been told that by signing for the delivery I could be leaving myself open to legal action if the item in the parcel turns out to be damaged or defective as when I sign I am effectively accepting the goods as they are and signing away my neighbours rights. If they are not happy they could potentially then take me to court. Unlikely I know but still a possibility. Should I be signing for my neighbours parcels? It seems to me a helpful thing to do but I could see that a neighbour might be annoyed if I did sign for a defective item? Could I still take an item in with out signing for it and just giving my name and address? Or is it unlikely that the mail order shop would ever say well its been signed for so no refund even if it is damaged?
  10. In about 2003 I bought a digital camera from a high street electrical shop on hire purchase. The finance was provided by a company called Halifax Cetelem. I think they are gone now but that their affairs are looked after by Barclays Partner Finance. I wrote to Barclays Partner Finance about PPI on this old HP loan but they have written back saying they can't local an account in my name. I am not sure where to go with this now. Did any other company's take over old Halifax Cetelem accounts? I did read online that some people have been successful in claiming from barclays partner finance but they seemed to have old copies of their loan agreement which I unfortunately don't have. Anything I can do?
  11. Last week I posted out a SAR (with previous addresses) to Halifax and I gave them an account / reference number which I believe was part of a hire purchase agreement dating from 2003. Today I have received a letter from their archive team saying they cannot find anything in my name and asking for additional information. I called them to find out more details and they repeated the same information that essentially they have nothing on me at all. I have already used the Halifax PPI checker and received text messages with a reference code for my PPI complaint. I have had problems with this side of things also as they sent me a text 2 weeks ago asking me to hurry up and return the questionnaire to them however they had not sent me any acknowledgment letter or questionaire . I called them then and they said they would post that out to me asap . I still have not got that and called again today and they assure me this time that this is in the post to me now. I just feel very much like I am being fobbed off and messed around by Halifax at the moment and also if the SAR team can find no details on me then it seems likely that I will get nowhere with my PPI complaint either. Does anyone have any advise of where I can go now? Could my banking details still be linked to the other banks Halifax used to be involved with? Right now I feel like complaining to the FOS about how useless they are full stop. Any PPI I might be due back from this is not that much but it does just annoy me at how useless they are being, Halifax and Capital one have so far been the worst! I sent out all my SAR's last week so far I have two letters acknowledging the SAR in some way. Will I receive an acknowledgment letter from all the banks I have sent SAR's to or is this not required? Just I wouldn't want to get 40 days down the line and find out some were saying they never received the SAR at all!
  12. Thanks for getting back to me dx100uk. I saw the stickie but it had quite a few different addresses so wasn't sure which one. In the end I called barclaycard direct and they told me to send it to: DSAR (Barclaycard) 51 Saffron Rd Leicester LE18 4US I am also sending a SAR to EGG regarding other loans I had, I will amend the letter to reqest any other information regarding my old credit card with them, even though they now say barclays has it and barclays seem to be dealing with my complaint. Thanks again.
  13. I want to send a SAR to barclays about an old egg card I had which they now own. The address I have is: Barclaycard Customer Relations Dept PO Box 9131 51 Saffron Rd Leicester LE18 9DE Is this the correct address to send the SAR? Many thanks!
  14. Thank you both for your replies. I will take on board what you both have said and amend my SAR letters before posting them so that they are not limited in terms of time. I don't have accounts numbers for all the banks as some of these accounts are old but will just put all accounts where this is the case. Yes I think I am probably giving the banks too much credit or benefit of the doubt when I know they will most likely do what they can to refuse my claim. I do feel that the banks ruthlessly exploited me as a young person to such a degree I got in a terrible mess financially at a very young age. For this reason I couldn't bear to think about complaining about PPI for many years because it brought back such an awful time in my life. Anyway I am doing it now! Thank you for the advice about charges and what they would class as repetitive. Hopefully I will not need to make a complaint about delays but if they do delay I will do so. Thank you both again.
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