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  1. EXACTLY, but its all been ignored, I am at the point of quoting Practice Direction to them!
  2. Started new thread without asking ... deleted Yeah, I get that. Another issue in this is Its against 2 of us, a couple with a child and 300 miles between us. First the LL requested it to be to HIS home court, THEN, the court is asking if I'm ok with it going to LL's choice of less than mid way court. Thats one battle right there, where the court, is working on claimant side. Another, is that on LL's suggestion, that because I have medical issues, that "I" dont go, so the court has omitted me from communications. What ever way, its all designed to cost us the maximum amount of money. Surely if the claim isnt legal, it shouldnt be having a hearing in the first place. There is NO option of no additional cost here. Justice my backside is my view right now, and I know youre trying to help, but it isnt helping am afraid. So is the DPS, and the entirety of Housing act 2004 is completely worthless?
  3. Started new thread without asking ... deleted - Interesting, is this perhaps becoming a trend on the dodgy landlord circuit? Without disclosing all detail No the deposit wasn't protected, in fact we just walked away happy to never hear from the landlord again, until that is, we got contact demanding MORE money and a ludicrous accusation also threatening to destroy our current tenancy if he didnt get the money within 7 days. Very much blackmail, out of the blue, and even well over a month after we moved out. and so, we wrote another, far more formal letter regarding the deposit, a notice before court action, the same as everyone has told you to here. Before court action, he beat us to it and made a claim for nearly 2k against us, accounting to withhold the deposit. The amount is much more than the original demand, and includes allsorts not even tenant responsible, things he already knew about as issues with the house etc etc. He has even added things as he goes along. So I went ahead with the legitimate claim for not protecting the deposit, which was then "partial admitted", given the deposit back, but not the extra 3x OR any of the court filing fee I am entitled to. It is proceeding as a defended claim, even though the defence was "its not fair", and " I didnt know I had to" which is blatant rubbish since had protected our deposit before for the very same property on our previous tenancy. Yes, unusually, we lived there before, moved elsewhere because had had enough of the issues with the house, and stupidly moved BACK! This is the part that is UNHEARD of,... that the LANDLORDS claim is still being allowed to continue even though its not unlawful, but baseless!, 2 claims and a counter claim all at once, and the court obviously hasnt even looked at it, allowing it all to stretch out. If anyone can help me get a summary judgment made without costing ANOTHER £155 on TOP of the near £300 its all already cost me and get his stupid claim thrown out, give me a shout!
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