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  1. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me and give me advice on this site. This service and generosity of the people who run it are outstanding and we both thank you for all your help. As far Bailiff Advice you have been a true guide for me through this process and thank you so much. I will keep you updated about how I will be making payment on Wednesday 3rd Feb and hopefully will not be posting saying I have been ripped off in some way Thank you. I have made a small donation for these services as a way to show my thanks.
  2. Well, I have rang the courts and got some interesting details. 1. We have found out that the TV Licence has been coming off her benefits when we presumed this was just an outstanding loan from the DWP so really she has been classed as knowing about the debt and has made payment towards it therefore the SD would have been a no go anyway. 2. They say the debt passed onto Marstons was in total of £350 so presume the rest is for fees etc. 3. My daughter had her benefits stopped in September last year due to the DWP thought she had a partner living with her. In December after a long
  3. I would like to thank you in looking into this matter for me, I do appreciate it and I am currently in the process of phoning the court. I will let you know what is happening very shortly, but I think I will just ending up paying it and get it over and done with. One thing before i go, should I pay the money direct to the bailiff or go the court and just get a receipt off one of them ? Thank you very much.
  4. Thank you for replying. Just to confirm, did you daughter receive all of the notices from the court about the Metro fine? - She recalls one but honestly does not remember, hence why this is on her and why we aren't really disputing this one. Do you have any idea how much each fine was? - Just text the bailiff that question and he will tell me tomorrow, he also says that it is put on hold for a couple of more days due to a 7 day extension to put the stat dec in. How much are Marston's asking for? - £685.00. To be honest I have the money on Wednesday morning in full if requir
  5. Also to enquire about the fines themselves can the courts explain exactly what debts they are and the amounts or will only the bailiff be able to tell you?
  6. In regards to approach the court, would that mean by means of going there in person and speaking with the fines officer?
  7. Thank you for taking the time in looking at this. Regarding the list to what she has received she has NOT had any of them apart from the final notice I mentioned. The metro fines have been off more than 3 years ago but these she does owe the money. The reason nothing has been received by my daughter is that she has only really had a flat of her own for the past 10 month, and these metro fines were sent way before this probably to 'care of' addresses where she has been stopping. But as regarding the tv licence they say they were as far back as 2012 but considering that she has only h
  8. Hi, I have a question regarding Marstons Bailiffs, I am acting on behalf of my daughter here. Marstons have pushed a red letter saying final notice and that they will be bringing a locksmith and gave her 24 hours to raise £685 or they will enter and take belongings. I myself rang the bailiff and offered no payment plan at all and that he will come to collect the following day. The following day I rang the magistrates court at South Tyneside and found out that the fines were for 1. Non payment of metro fines. 2. Non payment of TV Licence. For the metro fines we are willing to pay tha
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