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  1. Hi dx, silerfox, sorry I haven't updated you on this matter re Perfect Home. Unfortunately my father passed away and have been stupidly burying my head in the sand with regards to Perfect Home. I did however send a letter to them requesting calls to my phone and visits to my home, plus my offer of a reduced payment which was sent a couple of days after my original thread was started. They seem to have ignored this as I receive around 5-10 phone calls per day and about 2-3 home visits per week. I am sorry to bother you with this but was wondering if the
  2. Thanks for your time Silverfox, will go straight to the Ombudsman. I'm wasting my time speaking to them myself. They even told me today that if I get CAB to call them on my behalf they will tell them the same. As far as Perfect Home are concerned they are in the right and everything is above board. You CANNOT question anything they do. Thank you Dx
  3. Hi Silverfox, sorry I haven't got back to you with info on how I got on. I have been back and forth to Perfect Home and they will not budge on the payments I have to make. I have produced my own insurance cover which has reduced my weekly bill by $10 but they state my Perfect Care (service cover) payments will remain as they are built in to the agreement and if they weren't I only had 28 days after the agreement was taken out to cancel them. They amount to around $6 per week. I have requested my original agreements to check on this but don't hold much hope in r
  4. Thank you everyone, I was really worried about this tbh. They aren't the easiest company to deal with. I'll draft a letter and make an offer as to what I can afford. DX, I thought the insurance was tied into the items now and was compulsary ?
  5. Hi everyone, I'm new to Consumer Action and would like some help please. I currently have some items with Perfect Home and have paid over half off or more on them. Unfortunately last week my employer reduced my hours from 40 to 32.5 per week. I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation and has managed to reduce their payments to Perfect Home as I don't want to return items that I have paid a lot of money on. I have proof of my reduction in hours but I find this company very difficult to deal with. The manager at the store is quite arrogant and hard to deal with
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