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  1. Much better thanks, but do you have any suggestions to my question above #9? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you for your kind words Mikey. I've been working extra hard to save up for a house and to apply for a mortgage next summer, however if the dodgy wrong default from the DCA is still there because of the wrong date, what would be the best thing to do? Thanks
  3. The DCA are not updating the date until i contact them (according to the credit agencies). I don't want to do this as it might then trigger the acknowledgment. If I wait until the correct default date has passed, is it safe for me to then contact them to get them to remove it? By then, the original HSBC default would have dropped off, so it would be hard for me to prove the original date.
  4. Hello Mikey, thanks for responding. i basically sent an email to Experian, Equifax stating that the 'original default date was the 13th December 2010 as stated by HSBC, but the DCA have stated that it is 5th March 2011, which is wrong. Can you please tell them to amend the date so that it falls in line with the date provided by HSBC'. I'm p'ing myself as I know nothing about credit statutes etc and as a laymen, what I wrote sounds like an acknowledgement. Do you think I'm okay or have I landed in it?
  5. Hi forum I'm sorry to bother you all but I'm panicking. I have a default which is supposed to drop off at the end of the year (almost 6 years) but when I checked my credit file I noticed that that there were two entries for the same debt/ default. One for the original bank and another for the DCA. The problem was that the default date for the DCA was wrong and much later than the one the bank gave so I stupidly contacted the Credit Agencies to ask them to dispute the date as it was wrong and I gave them the correct date instead. The agencies subsequently contacted the DCA with my dispute (presumably providing them with details) who in turn told the agencies to ask me to contact them to discuss. I haven't contacted the DCA but I'm now panicking. Did I acknowledge my debt by asking the agencies to raise a dispute with details of my complaint? Please help!
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