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  1. With a dearth of properties and families in overcrowded accommodation it makes sense for councils to give an incentive for those in a position to do so to downsize. Helpless2016 you might find it useful to visit your local Citizens Advice Bureau and get impartial non judgemental advice.
  2. That's good news big issue.
  3. Sorry for your difficulties helpless 2016 I an not sure which part of Wales you are in as I am in South Wales I found this pdf release from Cardiff and The Vale councils http://tinyurl.com/Downsizing-help Are you receiving any benefits? I only ask as this information can help those trying to assist you.
  4. There will be other people along whovian who are much knowledgeable than I am. First of all I just want to say sorry about your personal issues regarding custody. You have no obligation to show igneus your universal job match account and they have no right to demand to see it. You don't even have to allow your jobcentre adviser to view it. As long as you can prove you have looked for jobs that is all they can ask for. Have you appealed your sanction yet for failure to attend? I would consider making a complaint about ingeus and the way you are being dealt with by your advisor. I would actually dispute that they are not there to work around you. If they have your commitments on record and when you are signing on etc. I am glad I have never had to experience ingeus as I can be pretty vocal and I am sure I would get sent home for being obstructive.
  5. The worse part is the waiting, a friend of mine waited three weeks for a notification and he got nil poi or zilch
  6. No Tommy, I never requested it, I just wanted it done and dusted at the time. I had no real anticipation of the outcome.
  7. One thing that I don't think has been mentioned is that if you gave up a job then you could have your jsa delayed by up to 6 months which would give you even more hardship.
  8. That's interesting max, a girl amazed that I still wanted to write to them even though she had just told me I was wrong and she was right gabbled this address to me huffily last week and I didn't quite catch it.
  9. I must admit when I had mine in January Tommy I had no great expectation but five days later I was told I was in the support group. It hasn't been a panacea but it has removed some stress from daily living.
  10. It's difficult to know what these assessors are thinking behind their eyes and smiles. I hope you get the result you want.
  11. If you have made a SAR they have 40 days to fill your request.
  12. No two assessments are the same and yes you do hear a lot of horror stories but there are success stories as well. I wouldn't worry about the prespect of being found fit until it happens as the stress will tire you. In the scenario that you have been found fit they will invite you to apply for JSA and your housing benefit/ council tax relief will continue but you would have to check with the council if they want you to re apply for a benefit or not. Also whilst being on JSA you can go forward with a mandatory reconsideration and appeal.
  13. More information is probably needed for anyone to make a judgement. However when you claim a benefit you sign that the information you have given is correct and that it is your responsibility to inform whomever it is of any changes which could alter the amount of benefit paid. If you are over paid because of an error by the council then they can take this amount back although not necessarily as a lump sum.
  14. I can't comment on HSBC since I have never has dealings with them. When my mother died I used a direct line to phone and report her death to her bank and from that her accounts were frozen and they sent me forms to fill in. I think from start to finish the whole procedure was just over two weeks.
  15. I would definitely call them so that you are in the clear or you could suddenly get a note in the post that you have been sanctioned
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