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  1. Yes I did get some money and while I would have been entitled I worked out on entitledto.com that I was probably over paid about £80 the first month and then possibly 50 the second and now this month the amount I was receiving would be right (I worked masses of overtime in november slighhtly less december and none in jan) It is horribly embarassing. I did provide the correct wage slips as soon as I got the letter but will pop in and maybe speak to an advisor.
  2. Hi guys and gals I need some advice please. Basically I lived with my partner and 3 kids and started a new job after having my baby. HB requested my first 2 wage slips on receipt which I handed in and continued to get HB payments. So now this is where it gets complicated. My ex was abusive (we have moved away from him recently) and took all my money for himself so I thought I would buy replacement wage slips with different amounts on them so he wouldnt know how much i had earned. Problem is that I left them with my paperwork and thats what I had handed in to the council not my actual slips. This came to light on monday when I received a letter stating the details HMRC had provided were different to the ones I had. I looked properly into my paperwork and immediately saw what i had done. I went in to the council and gave all 3 of my slips in but now im worried that I should have given an explanation into what happened. At the very least there is a small over payment. My main concern is that they will think I tried to trick them. What should I do and what will happen now ???
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