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  1. Hi all, I hope you are well. I have been in foster care since I was 3 until I was 21, and now I am 22. However social said they would keep supporting me until I was 25 as long as I am in full time education. I completed three years at university and got my degree, I then decided to do a masters. However when I was barely a month or so into the masters I had to come home because I was taken ill. I wasn’t in a fit state to continue with mental health problem, thus at this point so I decided to defer my masters. I was realised from hospital and came home, at this point social services were being fantastic about things. However, I relied on my social worker to sort things out as I was in no fit state to sort it myself. When I say thing like defer me from the masters, sort things out with the uni, accommodation etc. 3-4 months have gone by since coming home and I have recently discovered my social worker hasn’t done any of these things. I have had an e-mail from the university saying what’s going on, we know you are ill. Today, I discovered my accommodation contract hasn’t been sorted, in which they said I could get out if I provided substantial documentation from a GP. Obviously at the time I left things with my social worker and just assumed it was done, I now owe almost £1000. The thing is that in the summer we agreed social will pay for a certain amount and I pay roughly a £10 deficit each month, this was agreed verbally. I believe social have stopped paying the bill therefore I am lumbered with the whole amount. In addition, when a student usually comes out of university social usually help said student get on their feet. However, the contact has been scarce over time. I received a cheque for £1,900 which was because my masters was on a scholarship and the uni said I can keep it as I was still enrolled at the time the incident happened. I was honest with social which was all good. At the time I said I would put it to good use and have driving lesson, with the aim of increasing my employability. Contact has lessened and I feel in the lurch, as I am living with a relative and can’t stay here much longer, social haven’t helped in finding me a flat of my own, I found a flat on my own which was affordable, but I could get it as I had no guarantor and none of my family were in a position to help. Social then said they won’t help me because I have this cheque. However with various expenses including Christmas, I have spent a little of it, but now I am just using it to live essentially. I have had to go to the council and declare myself homeless. I am jobless at the moment and have been doing everything in my power such as updating my CV, applying for jobs and even been to a job interview today. I have applied for JSA in which I wasn't helped with, which can be trick given the circumstances. I spoke to my social worker last week and she only wanted to see if I had applied for JSA so she could stop paying me Independent living allowance which is fair, because that has been good deed from them to me. However I feel slightly overwhelmed at the minute as I am trying to find a flat, a job. And now I have discovered that nothing has been done since coming back from university and find out I have this £980 debt. I feel it wouldn’t have been this much if my social worker had got me out of the contract. And uni fees are still being charged I believe. Sorry, I don’t mean to paint social services in a bad light, I am only speaking from experience. And I haven’t ever had a problem with them before. But it’s agitating and everything is playing on my mind, which is not good for my mental health, as I have had to overcome a lot to get to this point. Any advice is welcome and thanks for reading. Many thanks, Abc12321
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