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  1. Hi dx100uk, I agree with what you've stated, and will look at complaining to the FCA. When I've rang in the past or looked at their website, I've not seen where I can complain, yet with due-diligence I will look again and thanks for that gem of advice. From reading the banks 'rules and regulations' it is obvious that from the jargon used, their intentions are to obsfucate the definitive legal purpose wherein complaints are settled fairly, justly. I now see, one needs to look carefully at the true statistics concerning outcomes of complaint procedures, wherein the consumer is concer
  2. Hi dx100uk, Really grateful for your response, especially in regards to the unauthorised transaction. In relation to FOS, the representatives I've dealt with really and truly have no clue about Banking rules and regulations, and/or the pool of advisors they pick from are non-critical thinkers with a high school level of understanding. (Not that I'm saying all high schoolers are unable to critically think on a higher level of business, yet, for most it is a matter of training.) FOS, just don't appear have the staff who are experts in Banking regulations and if they do, then they s
  3. Hi renegadeimp, You are correct about a lawyer willing to take this on. I wish to go with the Class Action, because like the people who started this site, I feel very strongly about the way banks lie, cheat, manipulate and down right act criminal towards their clients. We need to get back to some sort of mutual respect. Yet, I sometimes wonder have the banks ever respected their members, us, who in actuality are the one's who keep their businesses going? So if I can help others get justice from the banksters, then I will do my best to do what I can. "I believe that banking institu
  4. I am not surprised about the length of time receiving an SAR takes. I think in the UK most financial institutions like banks, count on the fact people don't or won't complain. For those who do, they figure if they can keep one in litigation for years then the complainant will give up or disappear. Forums like these - though for myself haven't given me anything new, though it's early days:-) are good for discussing possibilities. The Class Action will go a long way to showing bankster, that the days of treating customers badly is coming to an end. Anyhow, thanks for your response
  5. Hi dx100uk, thank you for your response. Yes, I did mean to say charge-back not cash-back. What is a clanfron? Also my situation with Nationwide in regards to the £60k+ is not predicate on the SAR. Is this what you mean by awaiting the sat return. I would argue, Class Actions do work. I have some signatories already and a brilliant legal team ready to go forward. I think there is a lack of understanding of how powerful and effective this action can be when presented effectively. Anyone who wishes to join will not need to pay towards this action
  6. Hi citizenB, thank you for your reply. I have sent for a Subject Access Request. I am still awaiting the reply. I also keep a regular check on my credit files . I have 3 other credit cards, and no there is no mention of this mystery loan . Also, I am very grateful to you for alerting others.
  7. Hi Everyone, this is my first post and I hope I can get some help to step out of this quagmire of negative discriminatory and unfair practices that I am subject to at the hands of the nefarious Nationwide Bank. My issues began in 2014, when I had just over eighty-thousand-pounds+ (80.000.00 +) taken out of my account. It was an unauthorised transaction. I was abroad, I'd used my card three times with the same vendor to buy some tickets to watch some football matches.Three different games. The vendor said, he'd give us some tickets the next day, and other tickets would follow a few
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