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  1. Hi dx100uk, I agree with what you've stated, and will look at complaining to the FCA. When I've rang in the past or looked at their website, I've not seen where I can complain, yet with due-diligence I will look again and thanks for that gem of advice. From reading the banks 'rules and regulations' it is obvious that from the jargon used, their intentions are to obsfucate the definitive legal purpose wherein complaints are settled fairly, justly. I now see, one needs to look carefully at the true statistics concerning outcomes of complaint procedures, wherein the consumer is concerned, on viewing people will know without doubt what the banks true intentions are, as it is the same with agencies such as FOS. "One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.” ― Milton Friedman
  2. Hi dx100uk, Really grateful for your response, especially in regards to the unauthorised transaction. In relation to FOS, the representatives I've dealt with really and truly have no clue about Banking rules and regulations, and/or the pool of advisors they pick from are non-critical thinkers with a high school level of understanding. (Not that I'm saying all high schoolers are unable to critically think on a higher level of business, yet, for most it is a matter of training.) FOS, just don't appear have the staff who are experts in Banking regulations and if they do, then they surely work for the banks to subvert justice for the consumer. I been given advice regarding the criteria my circumstances need to fit, to fulfil the necessary criteria of the bank's rules and regulations when things go wrong. I have checked and had this matter rechecked by people who spend their lives dealing with these situations. Also, thanks for your insight too. Also, in answer to your later post, banks say one's money is safe with them yes?, Now, if I'd have know that was an advertising lie, I'd have dug an hole in the wall where my money would have been safer. The Nationwide bank has been negligent in their actions in regards to doing what they say contractually in regards to safe guarding my deposits. They are now acting in a wilful and malicious manner, so I will continue to work towards justice for myself and others who find themselves in such situations where a bank disregards what is the law of the land. I would add, nationwide used to be head and shoulders above other high street banks hence why I banked with them, I would argue this is not true of them any longer.. Also there are many nationwide staffers who are better than the organisation they represent. I always thank them for their work. Again, I am grateful to those who care about consumer rights like yourself and those who contribute helpful advice on this site. “Rather than justice for all, we are evolving into a system of justice for those who can afford it. We have banks that are not only too big to fail, but too big to be held accountable.” ― Joseph E. Stiglitz
  3. Hi renegadeimp, You are correct about a lawyer willing to take this on. I wish to go with the Class Action, because like the people who started this site, I feel very strongly about the way banks lie, cheat, manipulate and down right act criminal towards their clients. We need to get back to some sort of mutual respect. Yet, I sometimes wonder have the banks ever respected their members, us, who in actuality are the one's who keep their businesses going? So if I can help others get justice from the banksters, then I will do my best to do what I can. "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs." — Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President
  4. I am not surprised about the length of time receiving an SAR takes. I think in the UK most financial institutions like banks, count on the fact people don't or won't complain. For those who do, they figure if they can keep one in litigation for years then the complainant will give up or disappear. Forums like these - though for myself haven't given me anything new, though it's early days:-) are good for discussing possibilities. The Class Action will go a long way to showing bankster, that the days of treating customers badly is coming to an end. Anyhow, thanks for your response renegade imp. Thanks to those who upkeep this site and to all who contribute. "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create deposits." — SIR JOSIAH STAMP, (President of the Bank of England in the 1920's, the second richest man in Britain):
  5. Hi dx100uk, thank you for your response. Yes, I did mean to say charge-back not cash-back. What is a clanfron? Also my situation with Nationwide in regards to the £60k+ is not predicate on the SAR. Is this what you mean by awaiting the sat return. I would argue, Class Actions do work. I have some signatories already and a brilliant legal team ready to go forward. I think there is a lack of understanding of how powerful and effective this action can be when presented effectively. Anyone who wishes to join will not need to pay towards this action. Mindfulness
  6. Hi citizenB, thank you for your reply. I have sent for a Subject Access Request. I am still awaiting the reply. I also keep a regular check on my credit files . I have 3 other credit cards, and no there is no mention of this mystery loan . Also, I am very grateful to you for alerting others.
  7. Hi Everyone, this is my first post and I hope I can get some help to step out of this quagmire of negative discriminatory and unfair practices that I am subject to at the hands of the nefarious Nationwide Bank. My issues began in 2014, when I had just over eighty-thousand-pounds+ (80.000.00 +) taken out of my account. It was an unauthorised transaction. I was abroad, I'd used my card three times with the same vendor to buy some tickets to watch some football matches.Three different games. The vendor said, he'd give us some tickets the next day, and other tickets would follow a few days later as the games had not yet began. The following morning, I notice that a large amount had gone from my account, I rang the bank immediately on noticing the unauthorised withdrawal, Nationwide visa disputes team assured me they'd return the monies. About 14 days later Nationwide returned just under fourteen-thousand-pounds (14.000.00). they said, they were dealing with the other transaction of the larger amount and it could take unto 40 days, yet to this day two years later I Nationwide bank has not returned the sixty-seven-plus thousand. They returned the first monies as a cash-back, and said the other transaction, all with the same company could not be returned as a cash-back . I complained to them about this and asked why it had taken them 7 months to decide against their first decision. They gave various reasons for this at different times throughout the first year. I called and wrote to the Financial Ombudsman(FOS) who, lo and behold, after a year found in favour of Nationwide . The FOS and Nationwide said, I'd called the bank while abroad and told them to release this money. I did not, I asked them to prove this by citing the Freedom Of Information Act, (FOI) neither the bank nor FOS came up with any prove, i.e. -voice recording- saying anything of the sort. after a year disputing this situation the bank and FOS, a n FOS employee who is part of the Ombudsman's team said, I should resend in my complaint as an unauthorised transaction and not as a cash-back complaint . again I duly went through the complaint process with the bank who then asked me, why did I ask for a cash-back in the first instance, I replied that it was Nationwide's visa dispute team who advise me that this was a cash-back situation, but now wiser I know that this £60K+ comes under the regulations for an unauthorised transaction. Thereafter Nationwide CEO's executive assistant replied and stated in writing via email, that Nationwide would not open this as a fresh claim and would NOT read any more correspondence from myself nor discuss this matter any further. I discussed this with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who informed me that I was being treated unfairly and that the bank was in breach on around 5 of their regulations. I returned to the bank with this information and they just reiterated what they previously said, that, they would not discuss my account with me any further. again returned to FOS, with this new complaint and brought in the issues about unfair practices as per FCA regulations. The people I spoke with including an ombudsman at first didn't know and could not tell me the difference between a cash-back (which comes under the Consumer Credit Act 1974) and an unauthorised transaction (which is covered in the FCA handbook as BCOBS 5.1.11). I asked this particular ombudsperson to look it up then come back to me so we can have a proper discussion. She called me back four days later, admitting there where differences between a cash-back and an unauthorised transaction. I have this in writing too. This woman ombudsman said, in the first now closed complaint, the ombudsman had thought about the unauthorised transaction aspect of this case, - though he did not refer to it in anyway in his final decision letter - I asked her, is this some Orwellian double-speak, how can he say he thought about a transaction that comes under different rules and regulations, yet makes no mention of it in his final decision letter? I said again, this is a new complaint . When the ombudsperson kept on referring to the old cash-back complaint. I pointed out to this ombudsperson, that it is written on the final decision letter, that FOS will no longer discuss this case again with me as I now have received the final decision letter. Yet again this ombudsperson referred back to that closed case -see how they change the goal posts when it suits them- and said, I'd called the bank, which I did not, I asked them to show me the prove or get the bank to show the prove that this fact is so . I stated if this alleged conversation was a true fact this situation would not be into year 2 of it's investigation. FOS, did not show me proof of this conversation I allegedly had with Nationwide bank and even though they had advised me to return with this new complaint, they decided that the first decision on the cash-back was enough and the rules applied were the same for a cash-back as for an unauthorised transaction. The FCA said this is not so.... Note, neither the bank nor FOS addressed the complaint(s) I had written to them about where they ARE in breach the FCA rules. With all this ongoing stressful situation the bank decided to play nasty with me. now, next they offered me a credit card, so I filled in the application, passed the criteria, they sent the pin and card, Then they called me and asked me to go to the bank with ID to verify myself. I went in gave them my bank card told the branch staff member why I was there I had on me my UK passport and utility bills, the staff member said they had to call head office, I waited and waited after sitting in the bank for an hour, note: they didn't ask to look at my ID or anything else, they said, the card was revoked. They gave no explanation for this even though i called the next day, they said they would not discuss this. three weeks later, I called and wrote to them asking them to explain why? Nationwide then said, there was no problem with the card, just come into branch again to verify myself with a picture ID and utility bills, I did this again, and again after sitting in the bank for an hour they said, the card was blocked because I'd ask for a loan in 2007. I did not do this and at that time, I was working for a government in another country which is easily proved. , after leaving the bank, I called and asked what is this problem? Nationwide said just reapply and everything should go through okay. I tried to reapply numerous times - called the bank in between times to make sure everything was okay on their end, Nationwide gave an affirmative answer - yet, always after completing the application the bank say's I have a card already. I haven't a card as the card they issued they blocked it with no valid explanation to why. I called again last week Now, they are again refusing to discuss my account and again asked me to go to branch. This time I told them, I know you are acting in a very malicious and nefarious manner and I will not go for a third time to the branch as this is just a nasty game Nationwide are playing. I have written to the CEO about both these matters and I received an email from the CEO's executive assistant who stated that, on answering my complaint about 1 of the regulations of the FCA, saying Nationwide do not think they are being unfair, that they will NOT discuss my account with me and any other letters I write will be left unopened . Remember, I wrote to Nationwide and FOS about them breaching 6 of the FCA's regulations. How's that for dystopia bank style. I really need some advice, and I really need some people who have know they have been unfairly treated by Nationwide bank to join me in a Class Action against them or if there is a class action happening, let me know how to join. My apologies that this is such a long post, but this is a summary of a two year plus, ongoing battle with this unfair uncaring not on anyones side Nationwide bank. , please if anyone has any ideas of how I can get my monies returned and how to deal with Nationwide, a bank that has shown me how vindictive, discriminatory and unhelpful they can be, I would be really grateful for workable advice.
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