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  1. Court was interesting, the judge ruled that the AOE would be suspended and he reduced the monthly amount to an affordable figure, as long as my other half agreed to pay the four months in arrears by the end of the month and then monthly which we have done and will stick to. He did suggest we should write to Howard Cohen to request the paperwork for the debt if we had not had the opportunity to do so, I explained we did not receive the paperwork before it reached CCJ. Would you agree ? Could I use and adjust the wording in the CPR31.14 I have sent for previous claims received ?
  2. Hi Andy, thanks for putting my mind at rest, I will look forward to the hearing rather than dreading it
  3. We have a date at last ! 24th February for a 10 minute hearing........ Never done this before, sounds like it will be very short and sweet, a hint of what to expect would settle my nerves and any advice gratefully received
  4. I submitted our defence on 6th October and received a letter stating the Claimant has 28 days to respond after receiving a copy and if they do not respond then the claim will bemade "stayed". It has been 38 days since I submitted the defence, I have checked MCOL, the claim has not been changed to stayed, can I call or write to ask why it has not been changed ? Or do I just have to wait and keep checking it ?
  5. I'm really not very good at searching the library, sorry I have to ask, is this too short and sweet to send ? Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx I write in relation to my previous letter dated 14th September in which I requested a copy of data you have referring to my account number stated above. You have not responded to my request and therefore you have not yet complied with your obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998. The time for compliance with my request has now expired. If you do not comply fully with my Subject Access Request within 7 days, I shall apply to the county court for an order to enforce compliance, together with damages at the discretion of the court. Yours sincerely, xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. I sent a SAR to Churchwod 14th September, how should I follow this up ?
  7. Credit file ? The letter for £323.54 mentions in the last paragraph "Unpaid accounts are usually highlighted on your credit file" Where do I find his credit file ?
  8. Both says Lloyd Bank, no specifics but they do have an "Original Creditor Reference Number", one is £323.54, the other £7,041.16
  9. My BF has just received two letters from First Credit, are they phishing ? Should we ignore them ? They were both sent to his old address, we have a redirection set up now for post otherwise we would not have received them. They start by saying: "Let us help you - you can repay **** over a period of time" Each letter goes onto provide details of two Lloyds debts they purchased in November 2013 with the offer to call them or complete forms they enclose to start making payments. As always I appreciate your help and advice.
  10. We have come home today to two seperate pieces of mail, we are a bit confused. The first is an identical copy of the N64 (suspended AOE) we received previously which we already replied to, it even has the same date on, at the top it says it's from Basildon county court but has a Salford returns address on the back of the envelope! The second is a letter from Basildon county court, am I right that this means we now wait for a court hearing date ? The letter reads: Before District Judge Humphreys sitting at the County Court at Basildon......... (Address details) Upon reading a letter from the defendant IT IS ORDERED THAT Pursuant to CPR23.3(2)(b), this letter is deemed to be an application for review, and be listed for hearing. Dated 20 October 2016
  11. Trying to find out the status of the N245 is proving very challenging ! I am being told the figures on the N56 have been taken into account for the calculations on the suspended AOE ! I have sent objection letter today so I guess we just have to wait now....... Will keep you posted
  12. They definitely are on another planet........ Will this be ok ? Should I mention we never received the original paperwork for the claim and therefore have not been given an opportunity to defend it ? Dear Court Manager Case Number:******** I am writing to object to the Suspended Attachment of Earnings Order I received 15th October 2016. My reasons for objecting are: 1. I have previously submitted an N245 (copy enclosed) which was delivered by signed for post on 27th September 2016 and therefore should be in progress. I also completed N56 and returned as requested (copy enclosed). 2. The amount of £76.50 per month I am unable to pay which is detailed on my N245 and N56 I understand I may have to attend a hearing with the judgement creditor in order for the above to be reviewed. Kind regards
  13. I have just got my BF to send an email to give permission for them to speak with me as he cannot call during working hours, I will call tomorrow to follow up, hopefully they will speak with me this time. Should we send off the objection tomorrow anyway ? Shall I draft a letter for you to look it over or is there one in your library I can utilise ?
  14. Yes it reads: The court has made an attachment of order in the case. If it is served on the judgements debtors employer it will require him to deduct £76.50 per month from the judgement debtors earnings and send it to the court until £3632.39 the amount payable under the judgement or order, together with any interest (where judgement is for more than £5000 or includes a sum in respect of contractural or late payment interest, the judgement creditor may be entitled to further interest) has been paid, but not so as to reduce the judgement debtors net pay below £1145.76 per month. The Court Orders that the attachment of earnings order be suspended and not enforced so long as the judgement debtor punctually pays the judgement creditor instalments of £76.50 for every month, the first instalment to reach the judgement creditor by 30th November 2016 until the sum of £3632.39 referred to above has been paid. The court further orders that the service of attachment of earnings order on the employer be deferred accordingly. Dated 14th October 2016 If you (either the judgement creditor or the judgement debtor) object to the terms contained in this order, you must write to the court with your reasons. You have 16 days from the date of the postmark to do this. A hearing will be arranged and both parties will be told when to come to court.
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