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  1. I think you may have missed the point here. It seems as if the same issue which has been kicking on their door from the begging is only actually actioned upon in the last month of care. It quite clearly has been brushed to the side and not been taken seriously as it should have been since day one. Their test results would show no different from then to now. So the question that springs to mind is... Why on earth did it take them(Apple Care) this long to rectify a problem which was diagnosed and reported at the very beginning?
  2. So am I under the impression that those who take out Apple Care (3 year cover) for their MacBook Pro computers will have to wait till the last moth of their agreement to get a main board repair carried out? (As this is what has exactly happened) The same issue which I have been constantly raising with them from over a year ago. I say this because I have been in store a number of times showing and explaining to the genus bar techs the issues I am facing with the computer and then only to be told that this is normal and expected behaviour. It is strange to know what I have been told over the tech counter that overheating under such low load for example using iMovie to edit iPhone recorded footage (1 -2 minutes) and browsing a few youtube videos using Safari browser will cause the fans to spin at full throttle and after some time will switch of the machine. I think they have been reluctant and very unfair here in their attempt to offer a timely repair which was a year overdue. Absoloutely terrible if you ask me.
  3. Hi All, Its sure been a while and loads has gone on in my personal life since which has led me to put this to a side and carry on with super light tasks using this MacBook pro. I wrote the letter to Currys at the time but did not press print and failed to send it to them. The reasons for this was because I was: 1: Totally sick of Curry's and Apple 2: Preparing for career/ work (industry examinations) which literally took over my life. In the attempt to take this ahead with much mite and anticipation my career progress steered me swiftly away from this at the time. It doesn't end there. Even with the Career progress and exams preparations, I took the MacBook into Apple on the 21/3/16 for the initial overheating problem. This is where I received a work authorisation email stating the following: Employee Notes On Email: Problem Description/Diagnosis Customer also states that the machine is getting very hot. Steps to Reproduce: Verified issue at bar visually. Happens in kg OS. MRI passed. Unable to verify temperature at the bar but have explained that because the customer uses a lot of music software this may make it heat up. Cosmetic Condition: Clamshell has very minor chips around edges, no dents or scratches Display had minor marks but no cracks or scratches Top case has minor chips around edges but no dents, scratches or scuffs Bottom case is in very good condition with no scratches or scuffs. Slight marks from being in a case. All feet and screws present. Proposed Resolution: Replace display in warranty and run cooling system diagnostics. Customer usually has the computer in a case which I said could add to the heat issue. Results: Display was replaced but nothing else. At this point I was done with it all and just totally sick of taking any actions forwards. After all this time I thought right the best thing to do is give this trial one more hit. The Apple Care plan which I took out ends 25-Dec-17. So I thought it would be wise enough to take it back into Apple and give them the last benefit of the doubt in rectifying the issues at hand with the machine over heating. On the 23-Nov-17 I take the the MacBook back into Apple explains to them that I am experiencing the same overheating issues I have been since over a year ago. They suggested for me to re install the operating system, to which I had them do for me. They seemed very reluctant and unhelpful as they were when I first approached them. So no change there. After the operating system was installed a day or two later I was experiencing the same issues with the heat etc. At this point I thought I better call Apple support up and see if I can gain any help this way. So I called up Apple care on the 4-Dec-17 and explained to them very firmly exactly whats has been going on and was told that they will arrange a collection and have their senior service technicians to test the machine. The next day they collected the machine and then called me on the 6th dec 17 stating that they put it under a series of tests and found that the overheating issue is actually occurring and is due to a fault in the logic board (motherboard). A day later on the 7th Dec 17 I received a call saying that this would be replaced under the warrenty at no cost to yourself. The MacBook will be then delivered back to me on Monday the 11-Dec-17. To my initial thought all along after may hours of reading tech forums and speaking with tech geeks I had a strong sense that it was the logic board at fault here but for some reason Apple in store found joy in brushing me to the side each and every time I approached them for the same problem. So Result at the end of the tunnel. The logic board has now been replaced and I await for the delivery. My question is: 1: Can I demand for my care to be extended for a year under no cost as I feel that I have been well and truly fobbed and brushed to a side here in this whole instance. Not sure why but it seems I have. Its either the in store techs are not capable of their duties of inspection and repairs which has resulted me to call in and have Apple collect the MacBook to only then use Group 8 to get it looked at and actually repaired. Having lost faith in my local Apple store and would not go their again.
  4. If they offer to even repair it as long as it is repaired successfully and as long as I do not experience the same problems there after I really wouldn't mind that. It is just a little confusing knowing that Apple could not or did not go ahead with the repair for some reason unknown, So I am not sure how this all is going to pan out. How much of the law can really help me ?
  5. Hi all, I am in the middle of writing my complaint letter and I would like to ask: Should I explain further the problems and inconvenience it has caused me and how rudely I have been treated by their staff at my local Currys superstore? Also should I mention anything about having already got to apple to rectify the Issue ? After all this headache all i want now is either a replacement or my money back. Please share with me your thoughts. Once again all help is much appreciated. Thanks J
  6. Update: I called the citizens advice helpline and I was advised to stop my dealings with Apple and start dealing with Curry's. I explained them everything I have listed above and was told to write a letter of the faulty goods you have purchased from Currys. Clearly explaining: - The issues with the Macbook and provide the email notes provided by Apple on their work authorisation emails and explain to them that Apple has failed to resolve the issues. To also write and add the following: - As Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) goods you supply must be of satisfactory quality, be fit for purpose and match their description. As there was a problem with the goods when I bought them, I request that you provide me with a replacement, refund or exchange. I must send it to Curry's head office and demand a reply within 14 days. This is really turning out longer than I expected. Thank you for that link: UncleBulgaria - I did give the steps on this site a go and still no changes have been made. I really don't expect to purchase external USB fans to attach onto a £2k Apple MacBook Pro, Id have gladly bought external USB fans for normal pc laptop had I bought one for 300 - 400 pounds.
  7. Thank you all for your advice so far. I think my step is to call the Citizens Advice Helpline and take things from there onwards. I will be sure to keep you all posted on the progress on this situation. Kind Regards J
  8. Currys at the time did seem to just brush me to a side. I felt as if I was being pushed to pillar to post, I mean its something that they felt they should pass the buck or at least thats how it came across. I did ask for a technical stuff member to speak with and after waiting almost 30mins I realised that I really do have no hope with Curry's. The technical staff member asked me to take it Apple directly as its been more than one year now. I was at this point a little stumped in rage and anger not knowing what to do. All I ever wanted was a Apple Macbook Pro with Retina to be fully functioning like it should be and not be giving me all this hassle. So should I stick to my guns re approach Currys for a refund or exchange? If so how would I go about doing this? I do apologise I am still learning the whole laws around consumer rights and still very much new to this area.
  9. Apologies All, I should have mentioned that I did approach Currys and a member of their know how team did suggest for me to deal with Apple directly as it has been more than a year since I purchased the item from them. I have been dealing with Apple since then and have stayed clear from Currys as they sounded rude and unhelpful at the time. I am not sure what Currys would do in this instance. I did speak to a friend of mine who did mention to give Apple 3 opportunities to rectifiy the same problem and failing that then only should I seek further legal advice. Questions: 1: Am I allowed to request all testing diagnostics notes and any correspondence regarding my machine for my personal records from Apple? Regards J
  10. Hi All, I was wondering if you all could help me on the problems I have having dealing with Apple: Model: (RETINA, 15-INCH, MID 2014) Date of Purchase: 25-Dec-14 I have bought the Macbook Pro 2014 from Currys in store. I have tried a fresh install of the OS to rule out any software issues and this is one of the first things I tried before taking it into Apple in the hopes to getting the issues sorted and still no evident changes were made. The machine still over heats as and when it feels like and then the fans start to spin at full speed. At the time of purchase, I took out the Apple 3 years extended cover luckily enough but to my demise its not really gone so smoothly. First Visit to Apple Store: Went into Apple Store on the 20/12/2015 for the following: Existing Problems 1: MacBook Pro overheats intermittently under non-strenuous usage. For example: Using the Photos application and viewing my photos Using Spotify to play my music in the background The spinning color wheel would appear and the machine would be non responsive for approx. 1 minute Using Safari to brows the Internet and view YouTube and Vimeo videos. 2: Noticed fragments behind the glass display visible when using and not using the machine. Results at Genius Bar by Employee: After speaking to the Genius Apple technician and explaining to him thoroughly the issues I am experiencing with my MacBook Pro, he straight away acknowledged the issue with the display showing the fragments behind the screen. To further examine and test for the overheating issues he ran a MRI, which passed. He mentioned that we will run further diagnostics and testing for the overheating issues and we will replace your display. I received the ‘Work Authorization’ email explaining the display costs under warranty. ( Employee notes on email: Issue: Cx states that display will go dim on every use and app, also Cx states that fragments are visible under the display glass on the top left area, Cx is also seeing spinning wheel when using the Mac and it also concerned about heat Steps to Reproduce: Ran MRI - passed Cosmetic Condition: Take at drop off Proposed Resolution: Replace display due to fragments, also run asd OS and EFI after, test in user OS to replicate issue. Cx will drop machine in 7 days Cx is ok with erase and install as Mac should be backed up when Cx bring it back) Apple then kept my MacBook Pro to repair. (or at least thats what I had hoped). Final Result: Received email confirmation stating machine is repaired and is ready for collection on 22/12/2015. I collected the laptop and was told that the repair was successful. To my misery, I arrive home the very same day and later that evening use the machine. The screen issue has been rectified but the initial main problem of overheating came back to haunt me. At this point, I am a little annoyed to the fact I feel that my laptop has been taken in by apple and all they have done is changed the screen and practically handed it back to me. After xmas and the new year I decided to go back and speak to the store manager and politely express my experience with his Genius team. He kindly listened and apologizes for the inconvenience caused and instantly rebooked my Macbook Pro in for further testing on the 10/01/2016. I am not confident in their statement about ‘further testing and diagnostics will be carried out’ as the overheating issues were unchanged. Second Visit to Apple Store: Went into Apple Store on the 10/01/2016 for the following: Existing Problem: 1: MacBook Pro overheats intermittently under non-strenuous usage. For example: Using the Photos application and viewing my photos Using Spotify to play my music in the background The spinning colour wheel would appear and the machine would be non responsive for approx. 1 minute Using Safari to brows the Internet and view YouTube and Vimeo videos. Spoke to Genius technician Employee: He had asked me to use the machine as I would normally to see if the above issue reoccurs. So I did exactly that and the machine clearly showed the issues of overheating as the fans started to spin at full speed and the top plate started to get very hot. The Genius technician agreed to my overheating problem as he self experienced the issues first hand. He ran a command ‘-uptime’ to see how long the machine was running and it showed 47 minutes. He did explain this is unusual and that the fans need to be replaced. He than sent me a ‘work authorization email’ instantly, displaying the cost of the left and right fan, which was under warranty. Employee notes on email: ( Issue: customer states that's when he is running his Mac using it normally it starts to over heats and then the fan kick running at fast speed. Steps to Reproduce: Ask the customer to use the Mac as he would at home or work, so I can see the issue for my self. Touching the upper case could feel the heat and the fans were running fast due to the heat build up inside the Mac Cosmetic Condition: scuff marks on the bottom case, rest of the Mac is in well keep condition Customer has back up and understand that there could be changes of lost data due to repair, therefore we are not hold responsible to any lost data due to repair. Proposed Resolution: - Run cooling drags and triage, try find out why it's over heating. - Estimated Turn Around Time: We'll call you in 3 - 5 days) Final Result: Received email confirmation stating machine is repaired and is ready for collection on 12/1/2016. Received a call from (Genius Technician) and she stated that she has carried out a number of tests which put the system under stress and found no abnormal operational activity. I am a little confused as to why I was told in confirmation that my fans will be changed and then did not end up being replaced. In my frustration I took the MacBook back and ever since, I have been experiencing the same overheating issues. My questions to you all are: 1: How can I get this issue resolved? 2: Am I allowed to request all testing diagnostics notes and any correspondence regarding my machine for my personal records? 3: Am I in my legal rights to ask for a replacement or a full refund from Currys? Reason why I ask is because I would like to avoid waiting and wasting time for further testing only be then told they could not find any faults with it. Kind Regards J
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