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  1. Thank you for this. I have already pay them some money. Thank you for all useful links and thoughts
  2. Not sure if I understand it correctly. Does it mean that if I wish to apply statutory demand set aside (if this is based on a judgement from Czech Rep) I need to make application to High Court?
  3. statutory demand was served in the UK based on Czech judgement via email.
  4. judgement was issued in 2012 in Czech Rep and delivered to me in 2014 in the UK. Stat Demand was served in the UK via email last week. and yes I live in the UK since 2009 judgement was served by the Czech court not UK. there is not UK judgement at all.
  5. Thank you adyroch. Judgement was issued in CR, statutory demand was served as well as my country of residence is UK.
  6. Thank you. Judgement is from EU country from 2012. I was as a guarantor. Although I live in London since 2009 and I did not have a clue about the hearing. Judgement was delivered to me in 2014 . A third party represents a creditor in the UK and they have sent me an email about statutory demand. I have kind of accepted the debt by making some payments last year even I do not agree with the judgement and debt itself. My silly mistake.
  7. Hi all. I am new here however, I really need a qualified advice. I received a statutory demand on 13/01 this year. However in the email they are stating this was served on 21/12/2015/ Even I moved house I was regularly visiting my old address and no letter was delivered. The statutory demand is served on my based on judgement from foreign EU country. I was not present on the hearing (I did not know about it) but a representative was pointed to represent me. I found that the Judgment is not enforceable in the UK according to EC Reg 2001/44. I would like to apply statutory demand to set aside but I am not clear about my grounds. On the form 6.5 is stated: © Insert one of the 8 following alternatives or if none of them are applicable state grounds on which you consider the statutory demand should be set aside (1) “Do not admit the debt because…” [here state grounds] or (2) “Admit the debt but not that it is payable immediately” [state reason], or (3) “Admit the debt as to £ , and that this is payable but that the remainder is not immediately payable. I am prepared to pay the amount of £ immediately” [state reason], or (4) “Admit the debt and am prepared to secure or compound for it to the creditor’s satisfaction by …” [state nature of satisfaction], or (5) “Say that the debt is a secured debt” [give full details of security and its value], or (6) “Have a counter-claim (or set-off or cross demand) for £ being a sum equal to (or exceeding) the claim in respect of” [here state grounds of counterclaim etc.], or 2. That I © (7) “Say that execution on the Judgment of the Court has been stayed” [give details], or (8) “Say that the Demand does not comply with the Insolvency Rules in that ………” [state reason] I would choose number 8 and describe that it was not served in correct way. Not sure if I can use the part about judgement from foreign country. Any help, advice will be much appreciated. Many thanks
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