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  1. Thanks ericsbrother for the reply but it was vp who posted about the PCN from ngp I just helped out with the pics as vp was unable to get down there to get the photos of signs.
  2. Got the photos of signs just trying to figure out how to upload them to the sight can anyone help many thanks.
  3. If you are unable to get a photo of the sign I will be happy to pop down and take a photo for you tomorrow as I work just down the road from the bay. Is it the retail park where argos and Asda are and the Bhs shop. Also will be happy to send the to you or try and upload them asap.
  4. Just a quick update looks like my daughter has mislaid her first letter from the alleged overpayments dept who look more like the solicitors writing on behalf of Lloyds using the banks stationary. She is going to contact them again with a request to have the paper work re-sent to her. Thanks for all the advice so far, will update as soon as I find out more.
  5. Thank you for the quick response, the bank in question is LLoyds Bank Plc, after reading your reply i went back and got what i thought was one of the letters LLoyds sent to my daughter reguarding the overpayment, it turns out that the letter on closer look was not from Lloyds but on behalf of Lloyds through Drydensfairfax solicitors but they use headed paper with Lloyds logo on it, and the address on it states LLoyds Banking Group Plc and the PO box number. I do not have the first letter they sent to hand with a breakdown of the alleged overpayment but will ask my daughter for it when she comes home after work assuming she has not lost it. The letter is clearly stating from Overpaid Salaries Team. Until the letters arrived I think she had no idea she had been overpaid but will double check. The money being returned to her by the pension group was for her contrbutions for the period she worked at Lloyds bank call centre, as she had not completed a full year at the job they can return the contributions to her or transfer to another pension scheme, at the time of the pension group contacting her she was still looking for work and so informed them she would have the contributions minus Tax and NI paid back into her bank accout. The solicitors never stated to my daughter that there was a payment date when they would return the money to Lloyds nor that they would not inform Lloyds, is it me or is this a very weired and complicated set up that these companies are running. If you require copy`s of the letters sent, I can upload them with help.
  6. Will make this brief as possible any help or advice would be appreciated. September 2015 daughter leaves job at bank call centre. October 20th 2015 she receives final pay owed. November 20th and 30th daughter receives letter from overpaid salaries team requesting the return of £390.66 overpayment daughter foolishly ignores letters. December 22nd 2015 My daughter receives letter from solicitors instructing her of the banks passing of debt to be recovered to them. Threat of court action and interest charges, legal costs and court fees will be applied if it goes to court, and all the usual threats that gets included in these letters. December 24th 2015 Daughter comes clean about letters and overpayment to mum and me. Mum agreed to loan her the money to clear debt. 24th December 2015, Daughter contacts solicitors payment line while mum listens to call as well, payment approved and reference number given to my daughter, thought that was it all sorted. November 2015 Daughter contacted by banks pension dept as to refunding her contributions made, as she had not completed full year with them, Daughter sends paper work back with details of how refund to be returned Sum of £299 minus tax and NI. Pension refund misses pay date in December so after phone calls made by my daughter was informed it be more likely to be received in Jan 2016 payroll date, No money received by my daughter on 20/01/16 pay date. January 21st 2016 daughter contacts payroll dept to find out why money has not been paid in, as it was a 0845 number phone bill shows time and date and length of call on land line. She was informed on that day and over the phone that the money was not being repaid to her as it was being used as part payment for outstanding debt, a debt that was as far as all were concerned had been cleared, oh how wrong we were. Not once during the phone call did the bank mention that they had informed my daughter by letter or email or phone prior to this date that they were going to recover the money by this means in fact no further correspondence was received from the bank since November. January 21st 2016 A phone call made to solicitors to find out why bank not received the payment, was told by the operative that money had missed there payment date when they pay the creditors. Not once during the phone call on 24th Dec did the operative make clear to my daughter that this would happen or that they would not contact the bank as to the debt being collected. Are they legally allowed to do this, my daughter and myself are at a complete loss as to why this kind of behaviour is allowed to go on. As of me posting this thread no money has been returned to my daughter or any explanation by both companies has been offered should I contact the head office board members and SRA with complaints about this or will I be wasting my time. Thank you for reading the thread.
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