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  1. i was unsure as well, when i mentioned this to the helpline they said he's threatening court action or prison action but they said that they don't actually have any authority to do this and it would be passed back to the council for them to take further action
  2. Hi Guys, i am behind due to my own negligence, on my council tax for 2014/15. A bailiff has visited my property when i've not been there a couple of times from Rossendales, Rossendales won't speak to me anymore and everything has to be done through the bailiff. i've now advised the bailiff that i have spoken to the council to request the statements so i can be sure what's owed and i intend to make the payment in full when they are received. however the bailiff has said i am just using delay tactics and has said he has no option other than now to go to committal. what's the usual protocol now? i rung a council tax helpline who said there is nothing further rossendales can do and that i should just wait for the statements then make the payment. is that the case? will he visit my property again?
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