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  1. They were goodwill gestures made after my inital complaint, even though I sent letters via recorded mail saying I would only except the offers as part payment. Thanks Lula
  2. Hi guys Can anyone tell me if there is any news on the current pause that all the banks have put on reclaiming bank charges. I have had offers from both Abbey and Lloyds, sent a letter saying didn't want offer but they have since paid the offers into the account anyway!! When I try and phone them there is just an answerphone message saying about this trial case going through at the moment. Would be grateful if anyone can shed any light.
  3. Hi guys I've had a really good look but can't find a list of court fees. My claim is for about £1,500. I claimed, and won, against Natwest earlier this year and my claim was for £5k and I remember keeping it under that amount to keep the court fees to £125. Could anyone please tell me or send me a link. Have sent Halifax both Prelim letter and LBA letter but not had any response so thought I go ahead with filing a court claim now, money is money!!!! Many thanks
  4. Thanks for replying so quickly Kev2b3 and James33, much appreciated. Will stick to my 14 day deadline and send next letter soon.
  5. Sent off my prelim for reproach letter a week ago and now got a reply saying......"sorry to hear your not happy.....your complaint is important to us.....want to deal with it quickly....if we have not contacted you before then, we will write to you in four weeks to let you know what is happening....blah blah blah". Can anyone confirm that this is the normal bog off letter? And shall I just stick to my 14 day deadline and then send the Letter Before Action letter. Thanks for you help.
  6. Yeah yr not wrong Sea-side!! Will wait til my 14 days is up then send LBA. It said at the end of their letter that if they don't hear from me in the next 8 weeks then they will assume that i'm happy......Well....they will be hearing from me alot sooner than that!!! Thanks for your help Sea-Side and M.Browne. Have already won £5k from Natwest so not to clear as yet how Halifax are gonna play this claim.
  7. Hi guys Sent off my schedule of charges with the Prelim for Reproach letter and have received this morning a letter saying something along the lines of....."have carried out full investigation of your complaint and are satisfied that charges have been correctly applied to account. You agreed to terms and conditions at the time of opening your account blah blah blah". Should I assume this is the standard bog off letter? Its from Anne Mitchell, Customer Relations Manager in Leeds. Do I still stick to my 14 days and send my LBA letter then? Appreciate any feedback. Many thanks.
  8. Hi guys Can anyone confirm that I send my Prelim reproach for payment letter to the Trinity Road, Halifax, W Yorks? I received my statements from my branch. Many thanks
  9. Just before I started on getting my money back, I opened a basic cash card account with Barclays, had no trouble with that as, like you, had bad credit. It just gave me somewhere to bank my cheque and at least you have a card to draw on it from the hole in the wall. After six months, you can get an automatic upgrade to current account if they see it is run well. It did take about 8 working days for my cheque to clear because it was a large amount (5k) and was the first transaction into account but they did accept it, which was good because it had my Natwest account number on the payee line. Hope this helps.
  10. WELL DONE!!! What was the date on yr cheque?? I got mine this morning and it was dated 07/02! Another couple of people was the same. Happy spending and congrats x
  11. Thanks Tridge - although you are only at the beginning of your claim, bear with it, YOU WILL WIN, the best thing for you to do is read as many threads as you can, both ongoing and successes. And remember, there is tons of help on here so just ask but most of you questions will be answered if you read the thread (remember to start your own to keep us all update with your claim). NEVER doubt your claim, YOU WILL WIN!!!! Good luck! x And thanks SCOODLE - you could have given your postie a heart attack! lol!! Enjoy yr dosh too. I don't know about you, but I feel like i've been reborn!!!
  12. Can a mod pls move me to the successes forum. I've wanted to see what it looks like up there!! lol. As you might be able to tell, i'm a tad happy! YIIPPPEEEE!!!!!
  13. Still feeling glum this morning, heard knock at the door and rushed downstairs, postie said to sign for a letter and I asked what it was when I saw it was from Cobbetts. I asked if I could open it straight away but postie said I needed to sign for it first. I asked him my name as I forgot in my excitement, signed and then ripped open the envelope!! Angels started singing and playing their harps and the sun seemed to shine brighter, as there it was, that piece of paper I had been waiting for since Aug 06, a cheque for the full amount!!!!! I nearly snogged the postie!!!! I couldn't stop shaking, and shed a tear or two, I had only bl**dy gone and won!!!! I can't tell you how enormous the relief it, I swear i've aged 20 years!!!! The cheque was dated 07/02 so the buggers had made me wait 3 weeks for that!!! I noticed i'm not the only one with that date so they must send them out in bulk!! I can't thank enough all the wonderful people on this site, and oh, what a site!!! Thank you dellar, Nattie, Muggin73, the Admiral. A donation will be made as soon as cheque has cleared, fingers crossed it will as it has my account number on the payee line. They haven't paid me my £100 for the AQ so will not send discontinuance form back til they do, I think Dellar had a good letter to send them, will look on his thread, want cheque to clear first thats the main thing!! Nothing will spoil my day today, good luck England in the Rugby and i'll be having a few beers tonight (babysitter permitting).
  14. Well done many congrats, got my cheque this morning and it had the date of 07/02 on it too!!! THey must send them out in bulk! Happy spending!
  15. Many congrats, you've beaten me, my AQ deadline was 2nd Feb and i'm still waiting for a court date!! Happy spending and well done! x
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