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  1. Nope, months and months of direct debits in, no new transactions and yet the interest went up
  2. Slowly trying to pull it to bits. Can someone explain how interest (the amount added each month) is worked out. There is clearly a time when the introductory offer finished and the interest went up. There's then a period of time in 2009/10 where the amount of monthly interest added went up every month, from £15 ish to a peak of £23. Am I right in saying that as long as no new transactions are added to the balance the interest amount should reduce each month, give or take a little bit for length of month?? One month because of the interest added the balance actually ended up being more than the opening balance? I'm confused by the whole thing.
  3. Well shocked, received a decent sized envelope from them today. 2 cca's (loan and cc) statement of account for loan and every single monthly statement for the cc. Haven't had time to sit and pick it to bits yet but looking at a few there's still a balance on the cc.
  4. I'm happy to play this game. you've been in the store a while shopping, you start staggering and "acting weird " I approach. If I've approached you, talked to you and further down the conversation I've told you to leave the store, my manager would have spoken to you and come to the same conclusion you were drunk, because you would have been. That's not what you are getting at though. The situation you've described is not what would have happened with me. If you've been in the store a while I would have already seen you, if you started staggering and I approached to talk to you, I would know you weren't drunk and the conversation you and I would have had would have been different to the one that, I'm guessing , you actually had in a store. As the manager I would never just back up what a colleague told me, unless age restricted sales, I'd make my own decisions. The book stops with me not my employees
  5. As far as thinking what the poster did above goes to show how little you know about disabled people. In which they said 'The person I was working with at the time worked with diabetics in a former life and didn't notice the signs'. I suggest you get your company to run an awareness day.... This happens far too often tbh.... WOW! Really??? I have extensive personal experience with different disabilities, what you appear to be lacking is experience with shoplifters. The man I had arrested behaved no different from the 100's of shoplifters I'd had to deal with over the years. The ones who are drunk and think it was ok to feed themselves as they filled their pockets and without getting up close and personal the behaviours are exceptionally similar. There does come a point where the person becomes unwell enough to be identified as unwell and not another drunk person. Until that point I'd like to meet the person that can tell the difference. A bit like people who suffer epilepsy, the signs of an oncoming fit can be hard to spot. With one customer I'd say it was 50/50 with the amount of times we caught him before he blacked out into the glass bottles.
  6. They received the requested info on the 15th, which would take it to the 10th, would you still complain before then??
  7. Slick, I have been nice to them and stopped the clock when they requested more info. Took a while for my council to pull its finger out and send me 3 ctax bills with different spellings. DX I was going to use the fos one, she was just trying to tell me things without being able to tell me anything (if that makes sense) So I'm best just waiting and hoping they send something my way.
  8. So day 30 and still nothing to show for it. While I'm sat twiddling my thumbs is there anything I can do about the ppi claim?? If they don't send me anything how can I work out the amount that has been paid? I spoke to a woman from Halifax who deals with the historical information (apparently all the way back to the 90's) due to the DPA she couldn't tell me anything but, managed to tell me she had a record of oh having ppi and where to find the claim form. No one has been able to tell me info about the ppi, as in how much it was, was it a % etc. I just want to be ready with the next steps while I'm waiting.
  9. I'll give you a similar story from the side of the staff who banned your mother. In the past I worked in retail, I dealt with a lot of shoplifters. One day a person came in and caught my attention because he was acting slightly oddly. Watching him progress around the shop he helped himself to numerous things to eat, stumbling as he went. He filled his pockets and left the shop. He was arrested 2 minutes later. He acted no differently from 80% of the shoplifters we had in, made no more sense than 80% of the shoplifters we had in. A while after he'd been arrested the police returned to explain that he was diabetic and was going into hypoglycaemic shock and needed to eat. The person I was working with at the time worked with diabetics in a former life and didn't notice the signs. I completely understand that you feel your mother was treated badly but I do think you need to take a step back and understand that these things really do happen, not everyone, even those trained to, Can spot the signs they need to. Once your mums well, phone the store and explain the situation calmly, I doubt they'd be unwilling to lift the ban.
  10. Morning, In my reply to them would it be advisable to remind them how far into their 40 days they are??? 15 as of today, are they likely to think they can reset the clock?
  11. I did include all addresses, I didn't include the ctax bill as it has a different spelling of our name on it (been telling them for years it's wrong) and I didn't want that to confuse them even more than they already seem to be.
  12. I am beginning to think this is a delay tactic. "Unfortunately, I've been unable to verify the requested information using the details you've supplied. Therefore, I'd be grateful if you could provide me with further information such as date of birth." They've returned the original SAR letter, asking me to post it back??? I thought I'd have a chuckle and give them a ring on the number they've supplied in the letter, their direct line number, the number doesn't work?????
  13. Thanks, no change by us to a mc I'm presuming the bank swapped from visa to master as a business???? I've had a reply from hbos saying they can't verify the requested info and require "further information such as DOB" Apart from DOB what else is there to send??? They already have name, address and account number.
  14. I have a thread going, stumbled across this thread and wondered if cups had had any response to his request. I've sent a SAR that I'm still waiting for a response
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