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  1. Hi The problem deepens My dads boss has told him that a sentence in his JD will be envoked that will make my dad do the job for no payment and I quote "To undetake any other duties that may be required that is comensurate with the level and responsibilities of the post" What a horrible man he must be. I have seen my dads wages befor the payment was stopped and the extra was miniscule. Many thanks
  2. Hi My dad said that all his overtime including the subject matter was stopped in the October 2013 but the rest of the chaps where he works were not, only him so just maybe he may have a claim for retorspective action and maybe thats why his boss wants him to sign the undertaking.
  3. Hi My dad has joined a union to get independent advice, the union official has stated that my dad could not take out a grievance as it dont come under any certain characteristic, black, ethnic, gay or disability etc and it would be the company investigating themselves and the outcome could be bleak. I am going to tell him to write to his employer about they unlawfull withholding of the award and mention the employment rights act?
  4. Hi I have read the link to employment rights but being me I am confused.
  5. Hi My dad does a specific task at work (laundry process) it never was carried out in overtime hours but during the normal working week, the overtime bit comes in because the task is not written down in his JD or TCs, because of this anomaly he was instructed to book two hours per week overtime when he first started the job in 1993 and which was paid to him right up to when the new boss started in October 2013. It was then this new boss decided to take the payment away. He is now required to carry out the task without the extra payment but sign the undertaking. Many thanks
  6. Hi I will ask him to look at your suggested link Many thanks
  7. Hi I dont know, he has not said anything to me up to now? If he decided there would be would a different course be advised Many thanks
  8. Many thanks He was singled out by the new manager because he speaks his mind and therefor he was stripped of this payment in 2013, because the process of taking away the payment was not done correctly he has won the backpay, however the undertaking he is required to sign not only bars him from any retrospective issues it also requires him to do the task for no remuneration.
  9. I have an employment question! My dad has won some overtime backpay, his boss will not pay him until he signs an undertaking not to pursue or bring any retrospective grievances concerning overtime from the date of the award. He won't sign on principle as he views it as some kind of blackmail Is there anything in employment law that will help break the deadlock Many thanks
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