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  1. Thanks Kings12345 for your valuable advice on this matter. I did the rejection by email as per your advice. Today morning I called Cargiant for an update and an agent told me they have replaced the car with new parts but even after this knocking sound is still there. They had referred the car to SEAT to find the reason for engine knocking sound. Straightaway I said I want to speak to senior manager to get the refund but was not available. Cargiant called me just before and agreed to do a full refund. I'm very pleased with this. I thank kings12345 and conniff's for their valuabl
  2. Thanks for the information. I kept saying to cargiant refund me the car price. But they say if it is only a major fault I have the option to request for a refund. otherwise they fix it and I have to accept it. Tomorrow they are going to tell me about the outcome of the repaire. I have no intention to accept it.
  3. Thanks kings12345 for the advice. I paid by debit card so I believe chances are recovering from bank is less. They don't accept credit cards. Today cargiant recovery team picked the car. I'm waiting for their response. My intention is to return the car anyway. I also heard from friends, once the engine is stripped and repair done, this will impact the car's value.
  4. I bought a car from Car giant four days ago. On the way to home I noticed a knocking kind of noise from the engine. I believed it's a minor problem but I immediately booked an appointment with a SEAT service center for an inspection. They confirmed engine sound was due to lack of service and it will take 5-8 hrs to strip the engine and find the problem. They said most probably new engine may required. They also showed me next service due to date and mileage on the service book had been tampered. Actually I didn't noticed or believed that it had altered at the time of purchase. Next service dat
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