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  1. Sorry silver fox did this but not giving me an option do you have the e mail address please
  2. Hi, I will scan them tomorrow and place them on here tomorrow night, sorry don't have this facility at home.
  3. Not sure if this means anything but at the bottom of the first letter it had ICO, BSI, UKAS, BPA logos, but on the last two the ICO logo has disappeared, all underneath the logos on the first letter they had Direct collection Bailiffs which has disappeared off the two recent letters.
  4. Hi Silverfox, thanks very much for your advice, the 3 letter I have received from Dcbl, (never got the original from the parking firm?) the first letter from dcbl had £180, but also had stages of enforcement 1st stage £160 2nd Stage £265 the second letter then went down to £100 but with an administration fee of £60? the 3rd is as above. Thanks very much for your advice the wife is really worried
  5. I have just received another letter, this time it has the heading LEGAL RECOVERY ACTION it states: you have failed to pay the outstanding balance of £160 or to contact us to discus the repayment of this debt. We have now recommended to our client the commencement of legal action against you. However the granting of judgements and other orders are at the discretion of the courts. If successful the escalation of legal proceedings at a cost of £75 would be added to the debt for recovery. After further applications have been granted by the court the p
  6. Sorry IDR the date the letter was 05th January 2016 not sure what the date of the parking penalty was for as I have never seen anything from the parking company?
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments, really reassuring to know there are people out there that can see what parasites these people are, feel sorry for the people who do pay up
  8. Just received another letter of these clowns, the new one quite strangely has has the Certified Bailiffs and High Court Enforcement Officers removed and a statement added this case is not subject to High Court or Bailiff action Also the cost has gone down by £20? the heading has changed from Notice of Debt Assignment to Notice of Debt Transfer There is no mention of any other fees like the first letter which clearly states Second stage Enforcement Fee £160, Third stage Enforcement fee £260 stated before we never recieved a letter tellin
  9. Not sure if this is of any use but I have checked the Certificated Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) Register on the justice site and can not find any one from this company DCBL certificated to be a bailiff, not sure if there is any other register of baliffs?
  10. Hi There, my wife has received a letter from DCBL stating an overdue amount of £180 is owed to New Generation Parking Management? they have the usual second stage, third stage amounts £160 and £265. The heading reads NOTICE OF DEBT ASSIGNMENT ? haven't got a clue what that means. We can't remember having a letter from New Generation Parking Management? no where does it say what the the charges are for, just that they want me to send them this money (they have no chance of that) they have 4 logos at the bottom of the letter, ICO. bsi. UKAS, and
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