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  1. ok thank you I'll try the SAR + £10 do you have a link for the form thanks
  2. sorry was a CCA + £1 postal order for a copy of credit agreement not a SAR thanks
  3. Hello just wondered if you could tell me next step please sent the SAR letter with £1 postal order and they've responded with a letter saying (PPI NO) and only sent 2 pages out of a possible 13 thank you
  4. It was not like the link below it was just a letter I did myself with no fee asking for my credit agreement for ppi and this link as helped Thankyou
  5. I'm new to this site just wondered if anyone could help me on how to obtain all my original loan credit agreement from Halifax bank as I've done so in writing before and they've only given me 3 pages out of 13 Thank you
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