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  1. Hi Everyone, So on Thursday 14th January I received a Reminder Notice from Horizon dated 8th January for parking at a Sainsbury car park during a no parking period on 5th December 2015. They also mentioned that a notice was issued on 10th December 2015 but this is the first communication I have received from them. Because I did not respond to the notice (which I did not even receive in the first place), they are saying I as the registered keeper am liable to pay the full £70 charge. I went back to this car park yesterday to check the signs. On the entrance it says that the car park is operated by horizon and to read the terms on the boards in the car park. Then inside the car park there are big purple boards saying 4 HOURS FREE PARKING in bold white writing . However they also have yellow boards closer to the inside of the car park mentioning in small print that you cannot park when the store is closed. I was only in the car park for around 10 minutes eating my KFC meal so did not go right inside to look at all the signs. My understanding was that if they did not want me to park there, the car park would have been closed just like the one next to KFC, they do have a barrier but it was up and I saw a few cars inside. Even if my not seeing the small print in the dark argument is not valid, would I still be able to appeal this charge as I did not receive anything within 14 days of the incident taking place? They have mentioned that it was issued 5 days after the incident but I did not get anything and for all we know, they could even be lying about this. I have attached a copy of the parking notice. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Sam
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