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  1. Well, you should always accompany your mother and talk to her frequently. People like her need their closest family to be with them as much as possible.
  2. Well, you have wrongly choose with whom you start a business. I agree with BankFodder. You should involve the police in this matter.
  3. I also have this problem on my notebook since last week. It makes me just using my desktop PC to work until now. Will try to do a system restore.
  4. I think yes, because using those E-cigars is also the same with using traditional cigars. It's better if you change your habits to eat some candies, or just eating snacks. It's better than using E-cigars I think (for ones who want to quit smoking).
  5. My father have once planned to claim the guarantee of a mattress several months ago, but haven't done yet until now. I will ask him if he still want to replace the mattress of his.
  6. Agree with you. I always write down all my passwords on my personal notebook, and the only person who can find where the book is me.
  7. Once used one of the above password several years ago. However, I now prefer to choose just random password and write it down on my personal notebook.
  8. Thanks, all! I have a friend who have some similar problems. Will pass this thread to him.
  9. Well, I personally don't agree with this. From what I've read, the threat that E-cigars bring is also dangerous.
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