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  1. Any thoughts on whether I should accept the offer or take it further? Also, it says I should reply in writing - I'm assuming email FAO the person who sent the letter is ok??? Thanks
  2. Thanks Old Cogger I didn't realise that! I don't think I'm going to quibble over it - I asked for £18 ph though I did say it was the llp rate as well. I received the amended order today for the correct total amount . Just got to wait a couple of weeks now I guess to see if the claimant objects to it.
  3. Interesting. Got a letter from the court today regarding the complaint and redress I had claimed. They've made an offer... £1 for the fee taken by my employer in February when the full order was incorrectly in place £36 for time spent contacting the court with queries (2 * £18). I had claimed 10 hours £50 for goodwill for distress caused due to maladministration by the court (I had claimed £500 for distress and reputational damage) What do you think? Would you accept or try to take further? Also, not heard anything from the court yet about getting the suspended order re-isse
  4. Indeed it does. I've sent them a letter asking for a corrected order for the amount without the interest.
  5. Any thoughts on this? Are they saying that the claimant can try to get bailiffs, or a third party debt order? Can they still do that if I make the payments on the suspended order?
  6. Another twist! On 5 May I phoned the court to see if anything had happened with my objection. I was told it wasn't in the system, meaning it hadn't been processed yet or had been lost. I've just received a letter dated 5 May: I've typed that very carefully including the typos. What do you think of the last part, any means of enforcement? I'm going to ask them to send another suspended attachment of earnings order notice with the correct amount.
  7. Hi Ford, it's the post judgement interest and the pre judgement interest they are attempting to claim. It's also about the attachment of earnings order being applied for and granted with interest added to it.
  8. Yes, waiting for a response to the objection I made to the attachment of earnings order. I think I'm going to wait until I hear about that before submitting a claim for costs. If they revoke the order or something like that, I'm going to add time/inconvenience etc on the interest as the court should have checked the amount before issuing the order.
  9. Hi Ford, Thanks for all the replies and taking the time to read this! On the fixed costs...is that the LiP rate I linked to earlier? Inconvenience - is there any guidance on amounts? Same with reputation. That's the thing I have no idea what is considered reasonable. On the objection - no I think they are saying I can just email and object which I have done (the letter I showed you). I objected to the original suspended order in November/December and that went ok, I heard back within a couple of weeks.
  10. Yes, that was the response to the complaint about administrative errors. It said if I want to claim anything I need to itemise it and write back - can I calim anything, like the time I've spent trying to sort it out as a LiP? Anything for distress or reputational damage for my employer finding out about the attachment of earnings order?
  11. ...the complaint about the administrative errors is separate - and the court have admitted error in processing the full attachment of earnings order a few months ago (separate issue)
  12. The one that I PM'ed to you. Objecting to the attachment of earnings order as the total amount is wrong, as the claimant added, and is trying to claim interest that they have made up.
  13. Thanks Ford. Do you think I should try to claim anything from the court for the issues (they admited the full attachment of earnings order being processed was an error) or just leave it and wait for the response to the objection?
  14. 4 - they mean dispute the attachment of earnings order. It seems like the claimant has just applied for it with the interest they want to claim added and this has been processed by the court. Shouldn't this have been checked? They could have claimed any amount! 1 - yes they are right on that. Don't think I can take that forward as it was almost a year ago and I should have done it sooner. Any thoughts on what is reasonable to claim from the court for these problems? I'm just waiting to hear back fom the objection - bit worried I've messed it up and might get in trouble with the court!
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