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  1. Ok, I have a template here so I'll get onto it straight away. If the agreement seems ok, what else can be wrong with the debt?
  2. Thanks DX, What will the SAR give me? What are you thinking? In the last few weeks, I sent off PPI claims to MBNA and the other companies and as I expected, they all wrote back telling me there was no PPI taken out. Thanks as always.
  3. Hi everyone, I've received my MBNA CCA from Link Financial. It all looks as it should to my untrained eye but can one of you more knowledgeable folk please give it a quick scan over? It came with 2 sets of terms and conditions attached to the back. One looks like it was of a similar age to the front page but is very clear and legible and the other set of terms and conditions look like they are the current ones with different APR's to the ones on my signed agreement. Look forward to your replies cca return.pdf
  4. Hi renegade, I'm worried about them issuing CCJ's. As all the debts have dropped off my credit file now and it's starting to look reasonably healthy again, I want to get them gone completely. The only way I can see to do this is to offer them a full and final settlement, which can hopefully be at a reduced rate if I can use the fact that they haven't complied with my request for a CCA. Is this the only way to get them gone for good? Many thanks.
  5. Hi dx, Posted it up in the MBNA thread.
  6. Thanks dx, I'll scan it in tomorrow and post it up. It looks like pages 1 and 2 are original with terms and conditions paragraphs 1-3 on them and then 4 to 19 are attached on seperate sheets too but much more legible. I also have another 'credit card agreement' stapled to the back, this time with paras 1-23 but it looks like their current terms and conditions. Not sure why they have included this. So dx, what should I do with the other 3 DCA's who haven't responded at all to my CCA requests? Thanks again
  7. Hi dx, All of the debts have gone from my credit file last year. It's starting to look reasonable again! I just wanted to try and get rid of them all as at this rate I'll be paying them off forever! I also worry that Link could now apply for a CCJ and I'll be back to square one with a screwed up credit file for another 6 years!! I can only see one way out, and that's to offer them all a full and final settlement. Otherwise, at this rate, I'll be here for 35 years paying them off
  8. Hi FFS, I sent all 4 postal orders via signed for delivery. All 4 were signed for. Link are the only ones that got back to me and told me they would get the agreement from the original lender. They have produced 1 page of original agreement stapled to about 6 pages of terms and conditions. Plus a page that says my account is now due in full. That was about 3 weeks ago. On Friday just gone, they sent another letter telling me I have defaulted on my payments and that the balance is now due as my account has been closed. I've been paying them the same amou
  9. Hi FFS seeker, Funny coincidence, I have 4 PPI letters in my car today ready to send! Also, after I sent my cca requests, only Link Financial replied. They have now written to me telling me I'm in arrears and that the full amount is now due. Have I woken a sleeping dog purely by asking for cca?!
  10. Hi again everyone, Back with an update. After 14 business days, I have had only 1 letter back and that was from Link Financial telling me that they don't have any information about my old debt but will write to MBNA to get it, which will take up to 15 days. The other 3 have all been delivered, I checked Royal Mails track and trace and it appears they have been signed for by 2 year olds doodling on a pad!! What course of action should I now follow please? Many thanks.
  11. Thank you So my way ahead is to send SARs to the original creditors and also to send CCA requests to the current DCAs. I'll post back when I have something new. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks CitizenB for the prompt reply! Those figures were the original balances so they should have come down roughly £9k or so by now. If I send a SAR to each of the original creditors and lets say that I have no PPI to reclaim. Should I then send an offer of a F and F settelment? Or, do I need to go down the CCA route first? Many thanks.
  13. I've read through many articles on here where people are in a similar situation to myself but I really would just like to clarify which way I should turn next. There are a few things I'll post that I now know I shouldn't have done but please bear with me as I try and recount everything. I got in trouble back in 2007/2008 when the property market plummeted. I ended up with around £50k of debt across credit cards and a loan and found myself unable to make the repayments. I spoke with an acquaintance who runs a debt management company and since then have been paying
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